3 Household Cleaning Supply Storage Tips

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If you are keeping a daily housekeeping schedule (and you should be!) then you know the importance of acquiring the necessary Éco Nettoyage cleaning supplies and, more importantly, properly storing them!  Understanding how important this is, then, here is a quick guide to proper cleaning supply storage.

TIP #1:  Check Labels

Usually, when a cleaning product has specific storage requirements, the manufacturer will list this on the product label.  In some cases, the product may be made out of chemicals that are sensitive to dramatic changes in temperature or, simply, extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold).  Some chemicals will have a dramatic reaction when exposed to other chemicals (don’t mix bleach and ammonia, right?). Some products may consist of natural components that can also be affected by light, heat, moisture, and exposure to chemicals.

TIP #2:  Store Away from Children and Pets

It seems like it should be pretty obvious but even if a cleaning product’s label says that it is safe, you should store it away from children and pets.  While some natural cleaning supplies, for example, might not be toxic, if a child or a pet were to consume a large amount of it they could still get very sick.  Of course, some cleaning supplies—like bleach, for example—are extremely dangerous. Thus, always make sure that you store cleaning supplies in a safe place that will not be easy for a pet or child to get into.

TIP #3:  Organize Your Supplies

Many people, simply by default, do not organize cleaning supplies; or, rather, only organize to a certain degree.  For example: laundry detergent is stored near the washing machine and shower cleaner is stored in the bathroom. While this is practical, you can be a little more proactive about your cleaning supply storage and organization.

  • Use a caddy or storage basket
  • A lazy Susan under the sink keeps everything within reach
  • Categorize products and utensils according to tasks
    • Dusting
    • Degreaser
    • Upholstery
    • Glass/window cleaning
    • Stain removal
  • An over-the-door shoe organizer makes for a surprisingly excellent storage for bottles and small cleaning tools
  • Similarly, you can hang a multi-tiered rack on the back of a closet door or a laundry room door for more shelf space
  • Consider repurposing a tiered rolling cart as a makeshift housekeeping cart that will allow you to take cleaning supplies from room to room with ease

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