4 Common Types of Window Drape Treatments

Window treatments can make all the difference in your home. Here are four common types.


Obviously, this type of Store Urbain window treatments threads the bar through rings—or grommets—at the top of the drape. This might be done through an attachment at the top of the fabric panel or with the bar inserted directly through the fabric at the top edge.  Since the curtain rod is exposed in this case, this type of dressing is more common when composed of a beautiful wooden or metallic rod and decorative finials at the end of the rod.  Vast color, pattern, and fabric choice make this style suitable to nearly all types of window.



This type of window treatment consists of lightweight fabrics and, typically, are found unlined, which provides a more casual feel than other options you will probably consider.  The good news is that rod-pocket panels are extremely easy to hang: basically, the rod can just slip straight through the pocket, a channel sewn at the top of the curtain—and you can squeeze as much fabric as you prefer onto the rod to improve the dramatic visual aesthetic of the fabric.


This is, maybe, the most classic type of drapery that will, quite likely, never go out of style.  Of course, its popularity will rise and fall with changing tastes and trends but, for the most part, they will likely not be going away anytime soon.  To achieve this style, pleats are formed via the addition of header tape at the top of the curtain, sewn into the back of the panel to create pleats when the fabric is pulled together on the rod.



Tab-top panels have fabric loops sewn into the top panel, often onto the seam of the panel.  The panel, then, hangs flat from the tabs to make this type of window treatment an excellent way to showcase both gorgeous fabric prints as well as elegant or fun patterns.  Much like ring panels, tab-top panels can work in a wide variety of rooms (country and cottage styles are the best) and against various colors, textures, and light exposures (though floral, checks, and stripes are probably the most popular types).  Keep in mind, though, that tab-top panel drapes do not typically move as well so you will want to pull them to the wall and fasten them with cords or by other means (as opposed to sliding them along the rods to open them).

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