5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving To Malta

Malta has long been an attractive holiday destination, especially among British tourists. That’s not really a surprise, of course, considering that the island was under British rule until the early 60s. In recent years, more and more tourists from other parts of Europe, especially Eastern Europe thanks to low cast flights being introduced, have started to discover this Mediterranean gem.

It won’t come as a surprise that many visitors of the Maltese island say to themselves “I could definitely live here one day”. The country has so much to offer that trying to pick only a few of the reasons why so many people choose to move there is actually quite a challenge.

The Weather

Let’s be honest now, the fantastic Mediterranean climate has a lot to do with it. Sun, sea and sand is a magical combination which explains why more people move to Southern European countries than to Iceland for example. There is no snow in Malta during the winter, with strong winds and humidity being the worse things you will have to get used.

Easy Going Lifestyle

OK, living in Malta may have become a bit more hectic and stressful in the last decade, but by Western Europe’s standards it’s still a place where time move slower, people aren’t always in a rush and the sense of success is not measured in how many appointments did you go to today. People are friendly, love spending time outside, going for a BBQ by the sea and generally doing all they can to spend more time with family and friends.

Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Malta has seen amazing growth in the last 5 years. The Government is doing a lot to help people get on the property ladder especially when it comes to those under 25 or growing families. Buying a property in Malta is definitely a great investment opportunity, regardless if you want to move to the island now or in a few years. The exceptionally strong rental market will give you the opportunity to even many money from the property you have purchased.

Booming Economy

A few years ago, Malta opened its doors to the gaming industry which made a number of high profile companies in the sector to relocated to the island, creating many high paying jobs and attracting a lot of foreign talent. The hospitality and construction sectors have been going very strong too and it’s fair to say that there is a shortage of skilled workers. Unemployment is very, very low. Now there is shift towards blockchain and Malta is trying to become the blockchain capital of the world. The government has made preparations to start issuing “start-up visas”, which undoubtedly will attract a lot of entrepreneurs from all over Europe.

Things to do

You can’t really get bored in Malta. The island has such a rich heritage that you can spend years discovering new and cool places to see. Needless to say the nightlife is amazing, plus a lot of music events & festivals like MTV Winter and Lost & Found are taking place too. Diving, fishing, jet skiing, cycling, bird watching – you name it, Malta’s got it.

If that has whet your appetite, then the next thing to do simply buy a ticket and go see Malta for yourself.

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