6 Bad Effects Of Improper Waste Disposal

The Earth has been suffering, whether we admit it or not, from all the wastes that have been thrown improperly to the environment. We have come a long way in managing our wastes and reducing the damage to our planet. Though we are all familiar with the common methods of waste management like landfills, recycling,and biological processing, we still find ourselves living in a world that creates a lot of waste.

Professionals, such as Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal, helps dispose of our wastes in an environmentally friendly manner. However, we should be aware of the many catastrophic effects of today’s poor waste management systems on the planet. Below are some of the bad effects of improper waste disposal.

  1. Soil Contamination

Plastics, glass, metal,and paper would ideally end up at a recycling facility. If we are not careful enough in processing them, harmful components such as petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, pesticides, and lead will contaminate our soil.

For instance, when a plastic bottle is incorrectly sent to a landfill, it will be absorbed by the soil,and it will be broken down to release harmful components such as Diethyl hydroxylamine which is carcinogenic. That’s just one type of harmful components that can seep into surrounding areas of the soil and harm both animals and plants that depend on it.

  1. Water Contamination

Just like the soil, the bodies of water can be contaminated as well due to improper waste disposal. Water is an excellent solvent,and it often dissolves substances like various chemicals and gasses including the harmful ones. Rainfall can easily mix to toxic liquid substances and end up in different bodies of water harming all living things.

  1. Severe Weather

Decomposing waste creates harmful greenhouse gases that rise to the atmosphere and trap heat. This causes extreme weather reactions which can be in the form of extreme rainstorms, hail storms,and typhoons. The level of precipitation is also affected adversely,and this will spread to other areas of the earth.

  1. Air Contamination

The ozone layer sits in the upper atmosphere and absorbs ultraviolet radiation which is another type of solar energy that’s harmful to humans, animals,and plants.Burning paper and plastics in landfills causes chemicals to be released and accumulate and damage the ozone layer. Methane gas can add to it as well. That is why proper waste disposal plays a significant role in slowing what we now call as global warming.

  1. Harmful To Animal and Marine Life

Any animal or marine life that comes in contact with dumped garbage, raw or untreated sewage, will be impacted severely in the worst of ways. Algal bloom will eventually form and suffocate marine life such as corals and fish. Also, millions of marine lives are killed due to consumption of garbage such as cigarette butts, plastic,and Styrofoam.

  1. Human Damage

A lot of harmful effects can be caused by improper waste management. Those who are significantly affected are children and those who live near waste facilities.

Whether it’s from the air, the soil or the water, the contamination of the earth will adversely affect us. For instance, landfill gases can cause cancer and create respiratory and visibility problems to people who are constantly at risk. It can also cause skin irritation, blood infections,and many other diseases.

Final Word

Proper waste disposal and waste management are important. We hope that reading this article encouraged you to be more eco-friendly and help save the earth through small, yet significant, steps. If you need professional help in disposing of your waste, visit this site at https://extracheaprubbishremoval.com.au/locations/bondi/ and learn more about proper waste disposal. They will lend a hand in disposing of your garbage through an environmentally friendly manner and help lessen the negative effects of improper waste disposal on our earth.

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