7 easy and simple ways to organize your small home!

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Organizing a small home is often confusing. You may not have sprawling spaces, and it is more than necessary to keep everything aptly to avoid clutter. In this post, we bring 10 tips that will come handy for keeping your home in the right order.

  1. Get boxes. Organization gets easier when you keep all the smaller things out of sight. Check for readymade boxes, which can be stacked on one another, and you can use a corner of your house to keep these boxes, much like a chest of drawers.
  2. Use specific storage. There are boxes and containers that are designed for specific things like medicines, clothes, intimate wear, and jewelry. You can check for storage and organization equipment from Living.ca, which can help in sorting things within the closet and beyond.
  3. Declutter. More often than not, we have things in plain sight that need not be used anymore. You can do better with decluttering if you recognize where you can stock the unwanted stuff. Under the stairs, in the garage or in the basement are hood options.
  4. Use wall space. For a small home, wall space is really precious. Wall shelves for contemporary homes come in sorts of sizes and shapes. You can use walls to stock the books and all other smaller belongings that must be showcased.
  5. Get a chest of drawers. Chest of drawers, made of either wood or plastic, works perfectly well for keeping your personal things in order. You can store anything from cosmetics to clothes, toys and more.
  6. Use dual purpose furniture. Think of hydraulic storage while buying furniture. Sofa-cum-beds are a good example. If you are not replacing the existing furniture anytime soon, go for ottomans, laundry boxes and storage stools that can be used for seating, as well.
  7. Always keep shoes in order. Most of us have the tendency of keeping shoes on the floor, which creates an untidy appearance. Get a decent shoe rack, and preferably one that’s covered. When the floor space is vacant, the room looks more organized.

Finally, do consider if you can use the kitchen wall to hang some of the cooking tools, knives and utensils. The more space you free up on the counter, the better vibe you will get from the area. For the best deals and offers on storage products and organizers, check online now. Many stores have amazing offers on bigger purchases.  

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