7 Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Tree Care Professional

Looking for a reliable tree care professional in Bondi, Sydney or surrounding areas? If yes, you need to do a little legwork to find the best guy for you. To get your time and money’s worth, you have to ask your prospective tree care expert these 7 important questions.

  1. Will they provide updated work contract and certificate of insurance?

First off, when looking for a trusted removal company like Amico, be sure that they provide up-to-date certificate of insurance as well as a copy of their work contract. This is to make sure that the company is properly insured and that you won’t be held liable for any untoward incidents such as injuries or property damage that may happen during the course of the job.

  1. What tools and equipment will they use and how will they handle the job?

Sure thing, you don’t want massive equipment driving across your yard and flowerbed causing unnecessary collateral damage. If the professional have to go across your lawn, be sure that they know where the sprinkler heads and other items are located to avoid damage. Ask how they will clean up during and after their work.

  1. Can they provide you list of references?

A reliable tree removal company would be glad to share you a list of happy customers. Contact their previous customer and ask about their overall experience with the company. A happy and satisfied customer would be eager to share the same experience with you.

  1. Will they give you a written and detailed estimate?

Ask if the company will get all the details in writing. Get written quotations from three companies and come up with a comparison about the prices and be sure to understand the scopes of the job.

  1. How long will it take to complete the job?

This is the next question after asking for the written estimate. An experienced tree professional service in Bondi, Sydney can assure you three hours and some would say three days.

  1. Do they look professional?

There are some signs that a company is professional in its job. For instance, know what the company truck looks like. Is it well maintained? Are the tools and equipment well taken care of? Do they have a professional? These simple indications can give you an idea about how your potential tree care company does their business.

  1. Will the crew use personal protective equipment while doing their job?

If yes, then it’s a good sign. The Occupation Safety and Health Administration or OSHA requires tree care professionals to use personal protective equipment at work. A trusted tree care service company would surely want its workers to be well protected.

Rounding off, it’s essential to protect yourself and your investment by hiring a reputable tree care expert for dangerous jobs. It is equally smart to protect your tree investment by asking the right questions. For more information, ask Amico’s landscape gardeners in Bondi, Sydney about tree care and other garden improvement projects.


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