8 Essential Pre-Moving Tasks People Often Forget To Do

Moving involves so many big and small tasks, it’s quite understandable if a few are forgotten. Most of these tasks are ones that you never thought were important until you move into your new place and, suddenly, things aren’t going as they should.

These seemingly low-priority things can prevent you from moving into your new home with ease or may cause an unexpected inconvenience somewhere down the line.

But don’t worry. We’ve rounded up a list of the important things people often forget to do before they move into a new home so you can avoid any surprises.

Redirect your mail

While we use the internet for most of our correspondence, we do still rely on snail mail for things like official government documents. Before you move, make sure that you register your new address with the postal system and notify your contacts.

You can change your home address quickly online, but don’t leave it until the very last minute. This way, if you do have mail coming, it will be at your new home in time for your move-in. If you can, leave some money with your next-door neighbors so they can forward your mail to your new address until the change of address takes effect.

Cancel gym memberships and other recurring charges

This is one of the most commonly forgotten pre-moving tasks — and also one of the costliest if forgotten. Weeks or even months before you move, make sure to cancel your gym membership or transfer it to a branch in your new city or town.

If you have other subscriptions, such as a daily dietmeal delivery or medicine delivery service, cancel or transfer those as well. Some of these subscriptions and memberships require a 30-day notice, so put this task on top of your list.

Collect and transfer personal records

You need to collect all of your family’s records — medical records for each member of the family, your children’s school records, your pets’ files at the veterinarian — before you leave town. Failure to do so will mean a big headache when you need them but have already moved to a new city.

Go to your family doctor and request all the necessary paperwork you will need for registration with new doctors, schools, insurance companies, and health care providers. Visit your child’s school and arrange for his or her records to be transferred to the new school, if possible. If not, get original copies of all the documents you will need for registration at the new school.

Prep your plants

This task usually falls by the wayside during the crazy whirlwind of moving. Do you have plants that you can’t leave behind? Perhaps a rose bush you planted for your wedding anniversary?

Find out how to safely move your plants and make sure you have all the necessary equipment before moving day. Give away plants you’d rather not bring to your new place.

Collect your spare keys

Some people hide spare keyssomewhere in the yard to avoid the hassle of calling a locksmith in case they are locked out. If you did this, make sure you retrieve all of your spare keys. If you kept a spare key with your neighbor, get that back too.

Moving to a new home is often overwhelming. We hope these reminders will help make your move easier. Happy packing!

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