8 Ways to Design Your Paver Outdoor Space

If you are a home owner, you know that there is a wide array of options available to style the interior and exterior of your home. With many options existing, it can be hard to get a clear vision for your space. Deciding on a design that will match the rest of your house and achieve the feel and aesthetic you are going for can be difficult and outdoor design is not any easier. Outdoor living spaces are just as integral as indoor designs and are rising to include enhanced modern design features.

There are a variety of options available for outdoor living design, which makes it hard to come up the perfect idea for the space available. Paver patio installation are a great way to add value to your home and create an outdoor living area for your loved ones to enjoy. Discover unique design ideas that use pavers to create a flawless outdoor living space below.

Ways to Design Your Paver Outdoor Space

  • Backyard Party Design

To get the most use out of your outdoor space, one could design a paver patio to create a backyard party design. This could include a natural stone paver walkway that leads up to a stone fire pit area. An outdoor entertaining space that can be used for parties is sure to get a lot of attention. Guarantee a spot where your entire family will want to spend their time.


  • Fountain Feature

Are you looking for an outdoor feature to fill in the bland grass area in your backyard? Consider installing a fountain feature to catch the attention of your visitors and produce a high-end, elegant and relaxing space. Spend your day listening to the calming trickling of water to reset your mind.

  • Stone Block Pathway

Ledge stones can be used to build a modern walkway that leads to a different section of your landscape. Outline the track of stones with lights to feature the stone block walkway at any time of the day. Visitors will love this simplistic approach to a traditional stone walkway.


  • Brick Border

Use brick pavers to in-close your green space and create a clear area for your children to play. This technique can be used to achieve a sleek and clean landscape and minimize the amount of landscape maintenance that would be needed. The boarder created with brick will reduce the amount of grass maintenance, as well as achieving a spotless landscape.

  • Rustic Chic

The color of the pavers you chose to build your patio can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your outdoor area. Consider using warm colored pavers to attain a rustic look. A rustic outdoor patio can achieve a chic cottage feel where you will appreciate spending your time taking in the artistic touches.

  • Wild Woods

The arrangement of pavers can point people in the right direction in a yard. Use stone pavers to point visitors to a fire pit that is hidden in a wooded, tree filled area. Think about filling the ground with mulch around the fire put to create a wild woods feel that will impress.

  • Game Field

Pavers can be used in your outdoor space to design a game field for any sport or activity that you would like. Fun backyard games can have designated spaces to play by building a retaining wall in the shape of the game you would like to achieve. For example, use pavers and retaining wall blocks for a horseshoe pit or a corn hole area.

  • Outdoor Dining

Use pavers to create a space that can be used for cookouts, fancy dinners, summer picnics and more. You can have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams made from pavers that includes a full functioning kitchen and dining table. Don’t take a break from your pool to go inside and eat dinner, bring your dining experience outdoors.

The best design for your outdoor space should be evaluated by a professional before attempting to apply. Team up with a paver patio installation company in Columbus, Ohio to discuss your paver project.

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Amaya’s Landscape, LLC specializes in paver patio installation services in Columbus, Ohio and other central Ohio cities. If you are ready to take the jump and have a paver patio installed to add value to your home, contact Amaya’s Landscape. Amaya’s Landscape puts a focus on producing the finest results.

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