9 Tips to Know Before Constructing a Shipping Container House

Constructing a shipping container home seems quite clear in concept. There are millions of super yards located in ports all over the world, and they are the perfect size for a home. When it comes to building a shipping container, homebnc.com shares few things you need to understand to make sure that your home is structured, durable, and beautiful.

See Before you Buy

Without an inspection or test drive, you may never buy a used car. Similarly, before purchasing a used shipping container home, you need to do a complete a “walkthrough,” especially if it is located on the other side of the world. Older container shipping homes might have issues with rust, dents, and other problems.

Know Your Building Code Restrictions

Many cities and towns may have certain limitations against constructing a shipping container home. Before investing several thousand dollars in used shipping containers homes, be sure to check the code of the local and state buildings.

Make Sure You Have a Plan for Insulating

An incomplete metal shipping container can make you feel hot in the summer and cold in the winter season. While designing shipping container homes, ask some ideas of insulation from the contractors and also insulate the walls and roof as well.

Find a Complete Contractor

Instead of trying to deal with a contractor for modifying unfinished containers and others for finishing, the right idea is to ask a contractor who can control the complete development. As container shipbuilding is still a relatively new place in the construction industry, it may be difficult to find contractors with the relevant experience. So, do proper research on it.

Protect Against Harmful Chemicals

If you are planning to buy any used shipping containers home, it is significant to know that these containers are designed for a lifetime. The wooden floor in most shipping containers includes heavy pesticides that prevent the feeding of rats and rodents. Moreover, the paint on these shipping containers consists of chemicals that protect the homes from a saltwater spray. To avoid such chemicals, you can buy a new shipping container home or make some precise adjustments.

Avoid Cutting Your Containers into Pieces

The shipping containers are very robust because they are made of solid steel. Also, the walls are loaded actively that if you want to build a second story or a particular roofing structure, you can quickly get it done. So, avoid cutting your container.

Plan Ahead for Plumbing and Electrical

Make a good plan of electrical and plumbing lines when you are building a new shipping container house. Ask your interior designer to make the holes for electrical and plumbing lines.

Prepare for the Wind

Shipping container houses are mainly located in windy areas that lead to a noisy house. As it has a rectangular shape, these houses are opposed to aerodynamics. Strong gusts and winds hit hard the wall of the home and can create noise. Try placing your home behind the windbreak.

Avoid Excessive Welding to Cut Costs

The shipping containers can be modeled into tiny houses if required, but you will need to buy several containers. Shipping containers must be bonded for greater structural integrity. Welding is an expensive investment, so try to avoid it.

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