A Guide to Different Types of Chains for Chainsaws

Like different types of chainsaws; you get different types of chains as well. Depending upon your project; you can choose the best chains for chainsaws that would execute your work perfectly. Here, we throw light on some of the common types of chains available for your chainsaw.

  • Low-profile cutters

It is one of the most common types of the chain which can be found with most commercial chainsaws. They have round radius edge and grind profiles. The chain is high on safety elements between the teeth which blocks any kickbacks. Because of this high safety feature, the chain is an ideal choice for beginners and the inexperienced. However, the chain is not very durable as it requires regular sharpening.

  • Semi-chisel cutters

These chains also boast of round radius edge and grind profiles. Despite being slow in getting the job done compared to a full-chisel; this type of chain has exceptional upside. They require much less sharpening which makes them quite durable. This chain is the ideal choice while dealing with softwood, dirty wood, dry wood, and even frozen wood.

These chains are also appreciably tolerant of sharpening accuracies and can effortlessly cut for a much longer duration without getting blunt. It can also prevent more kickbacks than the full-chiseled version. Thus, it is an ideal choice for both small and large projects.

  • Full-chisel cutters

Boasting of square-cornered teeth; these are significantly efficient when cutting wood, especially the hard ones. With square radius edges and round grind profiles, they can cut fast and very precisely, both hard and soft wood but is generally recommended for hardwood. These too require regular sharpening and thus are less durable. These chains do not tolerate any sharpening inaccuracies. There is a high risk of kickback also attached to them. Thus, these chains are only recommended for experts.

You can also find various other varieties of chains.



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