A Guide to the Newcomer’s into the Church: The Mass

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So, you are a brand new Catholic. Getting used to the customs of the Catholic faith will take a little bit of time as and when you will get introduced to them. So, no need to get confused and worried.

As you are going to learn, you also should be patient and ask questions when you have any doubts. These all the gestures, rituals, customs and prayers are all intended so that you can be bought more near to Christ. You don’t have to be scared, and you will find a lot of people to talk about them.

How to Behave Properly in the Mass?

When you first get into your pew, you should kneel and join the Eucharistic sacrifice prayerfully. Pews are the seats where you sit and listen to the Mass. If you need pews, you can visit by clicking on the link used church pews. Make your mind clear from any distractions.

You will find Catholics getting down on their knees at times. This process is called genuflection towards Christ’s Eucharistic presence in the tabernacle. There is a sanctuary lamp near the tabernacle – it often has a red glass tall covering. When the Eucharist is there in the church, the lamp is always lit. This reminds us that Christ is present sacramentally.

Eucharist is reserved in the tabernacle, and adorations and reverence are showed by Catholics while passing it. A profound bow will also do the job. You should touch your knees when in reverence. Whenever you enter the Church to your pew, or you leave the Church, you should show genuflection.

On lips, heart, and forehead people make a small cross with the help of their right thumb. This is an expression to show that you are ready to hear God’s words.

You also should know your brothers and sisters in the Church around your pew. You can offer them Christ’s peace by saying “Peace be with you.”

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