Adding Value When Remodeling Your Small Kitchen

We all compromise at some point on the amenities that we have in a space that we own.  Just the same, for most people, having a small kitchen is an inconvenient truth.  Fortunately, if you want to remodel your small kitchen you should actually end up with a lot of options that can make it seem larger and more functional.

The most important thing to remember before you begin, however, is that you will want to plan brilliantly.  You can even say that a few times because it is true.  The next most important thing is probably to find a strong remodeling partner who has creativity and experience with kitchens.

Your remodeler will not only be someone that can show you how to optimize the value that you add, but they can also help you to maximize the functional use of your kitchen.

Here are some tips that can help you to add value when you remodel your small kitchen:

Do mockup your kitchen routine:

When you talk to experts like, they will tell you that you should look at the kitchen triangle with a consultant so that you can find ways to minimize the amount of time that it takes to get to and from the main areas of your kitchen.

Mocking up your kitchen routine largely means putting how you currently use your kitchen on paper so that you can find more convenient ways of doing things during the remodeling process.

Consider appliances that are multi-function:

There are new types of stove tops that contain mostly a flat grill that can also be used as a burner when you are  cooking conventionally.  As an alternative, you could also get a small, custom, gas stove top that you can lay a grill attachment over so that you don’t lose any functionality when you resize.

Refrigerators are another area where you can save space.  If you use a cabinet refrigerator, you can put a built-in or two into existing cabinet space, freeing up the giant space that is traditionally left open for a free-standing refrigerator.  That refrigerator space can then be used to construct a large pantry that will give you much more storage space than you already have.

Feel free to use some of the eating area:

As there is normally an eating nook right next to the kitchen, it isn’t hard to try and incorporate some of that space into the effort to make your kitchen more functional.  Adding microwaves and other appliances near the reach of people that are in that room can free up kitchen counter space even before you determine how to renovate your tiny kitchen.

It has also been popular to add a ‘standing’ island, A separator that measures about 3 feet wide by 2 feet long with granite counter tops and an ‘x’ shape.  The net result is an entertaining space that can hold drinks or appetizers while making your kitchen a fun place to hang out near while the host or hostess is preparing a meal.

Adding value to your small kitchen can take on many forms.  The most important formula is to find the right contractor and plan brilliantly.  If you manage to do both, you will end up adding value with your remodel.

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