All You Need To Know About The Plank Width Of Wooden Floors

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Hardwood floors and engineered wood flooring are the top choices when it comes to choosing the flooring pattern of a residential or a commercial area. But very few people are aware of how they should choose the plank width and the importance it holds in determining the look of the place. Being aware of the correct plank width has its own advantages. If you are going to invest in cheap solid wood flooring then you should probably know the types of plank widths and how it looks on different interiors.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring:

If you are looking for a sophisticated and an elegant feel to impart to your place then wide planks of natural hardwood or engineered wood are a good option. Its width is normally more than 3 inches and it imparts a spacious look to your home. Such planks are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Different patterns also contribute to the spectacular look of the place after it is fully furnished.

Quick installation is another plus point that makes wide plank flooring a viable option for people who have hectic schedules and very less time to decorate their interiors. For those who prefer DIY, wide plank flooring is a wise move as the number of planks required are less. This results in a fast and an easy installation. It definitely looks more aesthetic and makes the room a lot bigger than it actually is. The cost is less because even if you hire professionals for the installation, they won’t charge much due to the reduced amount of labour.

Narrow Plank Flooring:

When the width of the hardwood plank is less than 3 inches, it is considered to be narrow. If you prefer a contemporary look and feel for your room, then narrow planks are the way to go. Small spaces that look way too congested don’t go well with wide planks as they look unnatural. They are easier to clean and maintain. But on the downside, since more labor is required in cutting the wood into small pieces, their cost is usually high. Moreover, due to the high number of planks, the installation process is a long and tedious one. Most of the people are not able to do it at home and even the professionals cost really high rates for setting it up.

Mixed Plank Flooring:

If you are really puzzled between whether to choose wide planks or narrow ones then a smart move will be to mix the two styles and make your own unique flooring look. You can decide on which area wide planks look better and the same for narrow ones. Then you can get them installed diagonally, perpendicularly or angularly depending on your own preferences.

Bottom line, you can choose whichever kinds of planks you like. But if you make this decision wisely, you can save yourself from any future regrets.

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