Are coworking spaces worth it?

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The present scenario is all about small businesses and start-ups and they have reduced the number of unemployed job seekers significantly. In this rising era, coworking spaces are on the trending zone and they are going to stay here for a long time. Coworking is an interesting concept that is gaining immense popularity among independent professionals and entrepreneurs. Moving to a coworking space can be a tough decision, if you are new to this concept. Various questions can arise in your mind to find if shared offices in Gurgaon are really worth the cost paid. To be honest, the decision to move to a coworking space will depend on what you are looking for in a coworking space. The best way to decide this is by evaluating the pros and cons of working in a shared space.

Pros of Coworking Space

  1.  You get to surrounded with like-minded people

When you join a coworking space, you are surrounded by co-workers who are occupied in their own work but all have one thing in common-the driving force to turn their dreams into reality and succeed in their ventures.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is the key reason why the entrepreneurs and freelancers choose a coworking space over a traditional office. Coworking space in Gurgaon provide its members facility to work at flexible times and in a healthy work environment. This is crucial for small businesses and start-ups that need to expand or downsize according to the demand.

  1. The networking community

Coworking spaces are in great demand not only because of the flexibility that they offer but also for the networking connections that a member gains by becoming a part of the community. Networking holds great importance for start-ups and coworking spaces bring people from different businesses together under same roof.

  1. More income

Believe it or not, many of the people at coworking spaces have accepted that they earn more money while working at these places. Call it motivation and passion derived from its work environment or something else, but you tend to make more money working in coworking spaces as compared to what you were doing earlier.

  1. A remedy for start-up blues

Starting a new venture can be exciting but it can also make you feel lonely that can further hinder your way to success. Coworking spaces provide a comfortable work environment to make you stay connected with the society and potential customers, clients and vendors. People working in coworking spaces tend to be more social, motivated and have a supported team.

Cons of Coworking Space

  1. Increased turnover

People at coworking spaces keep on coming and going. So, if you are going to join a shared office space, be ready to experience a quick change and increased turnover there. Do not get too attached to people working with you.

  1. Lost productivity and noise

While people claim that the productivity increases while working at a coworking space, it is true for people who stay occupied in activities all around. However, if you like to work in a peaceful and quite environment, co-working spaces may not be a good choice for you. The constant hustle and bustle of the people, networking and socializing may serve as distractions for you and as a result your productivity may get decreased.

All these points describe the pros and cons of working in a coworking space. If you are an active social person who can manage the distractions caused there, it can be a great place to work and totally worth the money paid. The benefits offered by a coworking space are amazing. However, be ready to set your personal boundaries and schedules to make sure that you reach your business goals.

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