Beat the Heat and Save Money with These Summer Home Cooling Tips

In the summer months, the weather can get uncomfortable. There are days when the weather is fair or a few summer showers help to cool you off, but for the most part, the scorching temperatures motivate you to get and stay in the house. With the air conditioner and ceiling fans running non-stop, this can jack up the energy bill. If you notice a surge in your energy bill every summer, you might try these solutions to keep the house cool and save money.

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Weatherize the Home

You should start by making sure the home is efficient. When there are holes and cracks, or lack of insulation in the home it allows the cool air to escape. By using weatherstripping and caulk to seal up holes and cracks and installing insulation in the attic and basement, you can keep your cool air in. You’ll notice the house keeps its cool temperature for longer allowing you to turn down the air conditioning and fans.

Cook Outside

The kitchen can heat up really quickly causing the entire house to feel it. If you want to keep temperatures down, start cooking outside. If you have an outdoor grill, you can prepare family meals on it and keep the heat where it belongs – outside. You can find a lot of quick summer recipes to make meals enjoyable.

Dry Clothes Outside

The clothes dryer is another culprit when it comes to heat in the summer. If you don’t have to, you shouldn’t dry your clothes indoors in the summer. Instead, hang a clothesline and place your clothes outside to dry. You’ll keep the heat out and save on your energy bill.

Keep the Curtains Closed

Natural light may be attractive to look at, but it heats up your home faster than you realize. During the day, especially when the sun is at its highest position, you should keep the curtains closed.

Invest in Ceiling Fans

If you don’t already have them, ceiling fans are a great way to keep the house cool and keep the energy bills low. Turning the fans on help to circulate the cool air around the house allowing you to turn down the air conditioner.

Summer may be a nice time of year to spend with your family and have fun outdoors. However, when you retreat home you want it to be to a cool and inviting place. The above tips can help you beat the heat while also keeping a few extra bucks in your pocket. Though each of these ideas is affordable or free, if you need the extra cash, remember you can always take out a personal loan and repay it in small increments so you don’t go over budget.

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