Best window styles for the contemporary home!

Every room deserves to get some natural light and air, and for that, windows are essential. If you need to replace those old windows, you have a bunch of choices to choose from. In this post, we will guide you through the different contemporary options, so that you can take a call.

Double hung and single hung window

These windows are similar to sliding windows, except for the fact that these windows slide vertically. In case of a single hung window, the bottom part is operational, while the upper part is stationary, while for double-hung windows, both upper and lower part are operational and are a part of the same frame. Double hung windows are ideal for homes, where there is no space for the windows to project inwards or outwards.

Awning window

Awning windows usually open on the outside to allow light and air in the room. These have hinges on the top and are more suited for attics and bathroom, where there is no space for sliding windows. Awning windows are also used to keep weather elements at bay, and not to forget, there are a wide range of materials and designs to choose from. Check with window experts like Unisson to understand the materials and styles.

Sliding window

Slider windows, as the name suggests, open sideways, and there can be single or double-slider style, as required. These windows don’t need springs and similar components, which make these durable and low on maintenance. If you opt for window glazing, you can reduce the energy bills considerably. Slider windows can be used effectively for homes and apartments alike, which is a great advantage.

Panoramic window

This is an ideal window style for homes that have better views. These windows usually cover an entire wall or façade, depending on the structure and views. Panoramic windows can have openings, but usually, the focus remains on the views and natural lighting. If you have a house that opens to the sea or is close to the garden, you can consider this as one of the options.

Check online first to find a reliable window replacement contractor near you. Ask relevant questions and get an estimate for each of the selected options to understand the budget and finances better. Keep in mind that costs can escalate, so make sure there is no scope for hidden expenses. Also, don’t shy away from seeking references to know a contractor better.


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