Box Sash Window Design


Box sash windows give a sophisticated touch to a property and, whether used in traditional times or the present day, they have always looked beautiful. In addition, the outsized opening windowpanes mean that you get a lot of fresh air and natural light in the property. Whether reinstating new windows into an old property or trying to complement the window style to the other interlude features, you need to pick the correct window pattern. However, that doesn’t mean sacrificing on the quality of the frames or any other feature of the window installation process.

Timber Frame

If you are trying to restructure an old property design, timber frames are perhaps a better alternative when compared to PVC. You can easily restore or paint PVC windows. Their life span is about 20 to 30 years, although over the years they can begin to appear decayed. Timber frames, on the other hand, can be repaired, restored and painted every year according to your preference. Additionally, the life span of a timber frame is almost twice that of PVC, so this means you have a beautiful looking frame for a longer period.


Sliding Panes

The sash window design features two panes one top of each other. The bottom pane moves upward to let the air and light in. However, in some designs, the top pane skims downwards. In terms of safety, the top sliding paneoption is considered safer, but for additional safety, you can buy locks and extra fitting and fixtures which will provide extra security. The larger windows are likely to feature multiple sliding segments. However,these will cost more and they incorporate more working parts that tend to get dented and tired.

Light and Pane Configuration

A single pane has few smaller panes, known as lights. While there are various configurations of panes and lights, the configuration you select depends on the period of property you are recreating. A two over two design is considered as Victorian. On the other hand, a six over six design gives a more Georgian touch. Although there is no definite rule regarding this, you can check with your window installers as they will guide you to select the best outline option for the design you are trying to reproduce.

Modern Glazing

With modern sash windows, the quality of modern glazing has improved in comparison to traditional windows. Double and triple windows tend to be far more efficient than a single glaze as well as being stronger. Therefore,you don’t need to limit yourself in the designing front because glazing needs extra support.

Modern Materials

Apart from glazing, there have been many other materials which have improved over the years. The metal, timber, and materials used to construct hinges and pulleys, as well as materials used during installation, have all been upgraded in the modern times. Accordingly, modern sash windows enjoy a life span of around 60 years or more without the constant need for repair and restoration.

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