Can a Sofa Bed Be Used as a Regular Bed Everyday?

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Cosmopolitan living is no longer a luxury, unlike before. Back in the days when most homes are landed, more and more high-rise condominiums and apartments have now replaced that choice of living. And if you are like most working professionals living in the city, space is always a challenge when it comes to your apartment. As much as possible, you’d still prefer to have enough walking space especially in common rooms like the living room.

So instead of lugging around stuffy sofa sets or finding a place for them in your small living space, sofa beds became the go-to alternative. Introduced a few years ago, it is typically a couch that underneath its seating cushions hides a metal frame and thin mattress that can be unfolded or opened up to make a bed.

Because of the popularity it has continuously gained, more and more home living and lifestyle stores like Domayne has come out with their modern take on the trusty sofa bed. View the range and choose between different sizes, styles and textures.

Here’s a quick guide on different sofa bed types:

Pull-Out Sofa Beds

The traditional sofa beds offer a pull-out feature where the mattress is placed. Because of the sofa element baked into design, the pull out forms part of the sofa’s size and shape.

These modern sofa beds are usually made of wood or metal. The mattress’ thickness depends on how it is built-in to fit the sofa’s main structure. The pull-out kind, which has an extension right below the sitting section, can be stretched out like a proper futon and normally fits a single or twin/queen size mattress.

This makes the pull-out comfortable enough to be slept on as there are no partitions in between the mattress space.

Other modern pull-out sofa beds available follow the popular L-shape sofa design. Ideal for tighter spaces as well, the L-shape sofas have become an apartment staple because its side lounger gets rid of having another chair in the living room.

This type of pull-out sofa bed is much wider because and make feel more like your usual bed but has the mattress partitions that may sometimes dip uncontrollably on its own depending on the weight.

Day Beds

Day beds are sofa beds that are more suitable for sleeping if you are going to use it primarily for such. Their base is usually much thicker than your typical sofa because the mattress that forms part of the bed sits right on top of each other.

Once stretched out, it is very comfortable and is usually the size of a standard twin or queen bed. Some day beds has the backrest that most sofas have, like the Peppa Fabric Sofabed from Domayne. Other modern designs only have the arm rests, cleopatra style, which is equally comfortable as well.

To maximize your living space, make sofa bed one of your options. They come in sturdy, easy to maintain materials and they have a dual purpose that makes it both charming and cost-effective.

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