Choose the Perfect Type of Garage for Your Home

When a homeowner chooses to add a garage to their existing property, it is usually the detached variety.

Although it is possible to build an attached garage onto an existing structure, this will undoubtedly be more costly and more time-consuming than if you were to build a detached structure away from your home.

A detached garage gives you more freedom to choose the size of the building and the type of garage that you want. A lot of people are not even aware that there are multiple types of garages.

You need to consider each type carefully because you might find one that suits your needs more than any of the others.

The building materials used to construct your garage should be considered, as well. You can have a door made of wood, steel, vinyl, aluminium, copper or even glass in some cases.

Wood is an excellent choice for cosmetic purposes, while steel or aluminium is best for security and durability.

It all depends on personal preference.

Single bay

A single-bay garage is big enough to hold one standard-sized automobile. Of course, you can use it as a shed for storage purposes, too.

A single-bay garage doesn’t take up too much space on your property, and it still can store all your basic equipment and tools.

Like any modern garage, your single bay can have windows, insulation, single doors or remote-operated roller doors.

Double or triple bay

Do you have multiple vehicles to park or store? Perhaps you even have a small boat or trailers that you want to shelter from bad weather and vandals.

In that case, you will need a double- or triple-bay garage instead of a single bay. Like the name indicates, a double can store two automobiles, and a triple can store three.

If you have a boat or trailer, it can still fit in the garage by utilising the extra space available.


Most two-car garages have side-by-side parking spaces. However, a tandem garage, has one parking space in front of another parking space.

Therefore, if you want to fit two cars in the tandem garage, the car that parks inside first could be at risk of getting blocked by the car that parks behind it – unless you plan for a door on each end, which is a possibility.

On the other hand, there is still a lot of space available in a tandem garage, and it certainly makes no difference if you’re looking to park one car and store other items.

If you have longer vehicles to park or store, the tandem garage will be quite useful.


A garaport is an attachment for your existing garage. It lets you add an extra space to your garage without having to build an entire structure with walls. All you need to build is the roof and the poles that support it.

The car you park there will still be outside, but it will have a roof that protects it from rain and other severe weather conditions.

However, if security is an issue for you, then a garaport won’t be the best choice.

 Lean-to Garages

A lean-to garage is similar to a garaport because it incorporates a larger building with a smaller outside area with just a roof.

The difference is that the roof of the smaller structure leans against the wall of the bigger structure to give it extra stability and protection against weather.


Carports are like garaports but without the main garage structure attached.

Basically, a carport is detached from any other structure and consists of just a roof and posts to hold it up.

Carports are the easiest and most affordable garages to add to your property.


Barns are unique types of garages suitable for farmers.

If you need to store livestock, hay or farming equipment, then a barn will be best for your property.

For anyone who doesn’t have rural property or a farm, you’ll want to consider local building codes, space and cost before choosing a barn.

Image via Pixabay CC0 License

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