Choose the right curtains for each room of the house

Choosing the right curtains for every room in the house is a more difficult task than it seems for which many factors must be considered. The style of furniture in a room is always preferable to try to combine the curtains with the style of furniture. In the presence of dark furniture, for example, it is preferable to choose clear curtains to give more brightness to the environment. A bedroom with elegant and refined tones, where the warmth of the parquet mixes with the warm tones of beige and brown fabrics, in this case the bedroom curtain could be chocolate brown.It goes well with the whole environment with rather light and light tones.

Tips to choose right curtains

To give more importance to the tent, it is preferable to choose one with bright or printed colors. But if the goal is to camouflage it then it is better to choose the same tone of the rest of the fabrics of the room. Even the size of the room is an element that must be taken into consideration. In the small rooms it is better to choose light ผ้าม่านราคาถูก curtains with light colors to let the light pass, in the larger rooms it is possible to opt for the darker fabrics. Seasonal changes must also be considered, since what is suitable for the summer is not the winter.

Generally, in the cold months heavy curtains are chosen to avoid heat loss, while in winter the lighter fabrics are preferable to better ventilate the environment. In winter they reduce the outflow of heat to the outside and in summer they shield the heat of the sun’s rays reducing the overheating of the rooms and the need to cool them artificially. For the bedrooms, a curtain is generally desired which totally obscures the room or in any case guarantees a good privacy, that is to say that it prevents a glimpse of the internal environment when it is closed.

Conclusion: it’s good to know

If you have different needs depending on the season you can evaluate two alternatives. Change the curtains using heavy curtains in the cold and light months during the warm months or opt for the double curtain. One will be of light fabric and another will be of heavy fabric, allowing a perfect brightness depending on the needs. For rooms where you want maximum privacy and privacy, you can choose roller blinds, pleated curtains, panel curtains or double curtains.


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