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No matter the beautiful design of your bathroom, getting the wrong shower head may spoil things. Shopping for a new shower head has not always been easy can be a daunting task as there are so many different options available in the market.

From a fixed or handheld shower to a wall-mounted unit or a recessed design to a single, basic shower head or a complete shower system with multiple water outlets. You may get confused on which one to go for. The key to make the right choice depends on your needs, taste, budget and the size of your shower space. Not to forget that the location of your shower arm should of conflict with that of a toilet seat in your bathroom.Image result for CHOOSING THE RIGHT SHOWER HEAD

Below is the list of shower heads you can go through to make your choice.

Standard Wall-Mount Shower Heads

Ranging from the simplest of designs to more complex and elaborate feature-heavy models with adjustable angles and multiple spray modes, the standard wall-mount shower heads is the perfect choice for you if price is your first consideration. The standard wall-mounted shower head varies from the simple designs to more complex models with adjustable features. Those complex models usually come with new technology to prevent hard water from building up, corrosion, and tarnishing. Some have only one setting, while others have mist, massage, and different shower effects.

Hand-held Shower Heads

Hand-held Showerheads can be removed from its mounting position and can perform well in different bathing applications. Apart from the adult bodies, it can also be useful for washing other things pets and kids. However, if you have difficulty in deciding between a handheld and a traditional fixture, you can settle on a two-in-one combination. But always remember to select the type that will be easy for you to handle and maneuver when your hands are wet and soapy.

Top-Mount Shower Heads

You can go for this model of shower head if you like the idea of water cascading on you from the top. A top-mount shower head can either be installed right onto the ceiling or be suspended from an extension arm.

Sliding bar Shower Head

Depending on the height and personal preference of the user, a sliding bar shower head is hung head down along a wall-mounted base. If the bathroom is for family use, this type of shower head, whether fixed or removable, ensures that each member of the family has an optimal experience.

Body Sprays

A complete full spray pattern dotted along the shower face that increases water area coverage and warmth. This is perfect for an even and thorough wash after a long day. A standard on many shower heads, sometimes, the basic necessities is all we need to cherish in life

Shower Panels

One of the best ways to think of these showers is as stand up Jacuzzi showers. Shower panel systems are highly customizable as it can redirect more water pressure where you want it to and less where you don’t. Go for  a pre-configured unit or make your own, determining the number of spigots and their respective placement such as overhead, chest-level, knee-high, the output quantity, as well as the included spray options. Note that in homes where panels are installed there will be increase in hot water consumption. You must also ensure that there are no environmental restrictions in your area barring the installation and usage of multiple shower heads.


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