Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Carpet Cleaners 

Even though it occupies a central position in most homes not many people pay attention to their carpet. Many of those who do simply do some light cleaning once in a while which is mostly ineffective. Simply vacuuming your carpet is a lot more different from actual cleaning especially in the hands of professionals. Carpet cleaning not only helps to remove dirt but can also help to tackle germs that may present in the fiber of the carpet. One of the ultimate goals of buying a new carpet is to leave your carpet neat and fresh again. A dirty carpet can cause skin problems for people with sensitive skin and breathing problem for those allergic to dust. This article provides you with steps you can take to completely remove stains from your carpet. Whether you are an amateur professional cleaner or a homeowner intending to clean his or her carpet as a DIY project, these tips will help you know how to do so effectively.

How to keep your carpet clean

You must understand that to effectively keep your carpet neat at all times, you need to prioritize and make plans for regular cleaning. Don’t just clean yours at some special season of the year, or when you are having an occasion, follow these guidelines for keeping your carpet neat at all times:

  1. Plan regular cleaning: as mentioned, regular cleaning is highly recommended if you want to keep your carpet in good condition. There are many advantages to this including helping to prevent a build-up so much dirt that the carpet is extremely difficult to clean or even irreversibly damaged. Generally, it is recommended that at the very least you clean your carpet once in 3 to 6 months.
  2. Do not rub spills:contrary to how most people handle spills on their carpet, rubbing spills in with a towel will simply make the liquid sink further into the fiber of the carpet. Instead of rubbing, blot out the spill or stain. To do this, ball up a towel and begin blotting out the spill. Blotting helps contain the spill in a spot instead of spreading out as it would if you were rubbing it.
  3. Pay special attention to busy areas:not all the part of your carpet gets walked on evenly by people. Some parts generally see more foot traffic than others; pay attention to these parts. Carpet areas that experience more traffic should be vacuumed and stains/spills properly taken care of. It is easy for the carpet to begin to show signs of wear and tear in those traffic areas and stains are likely to show up easily. Hence the need to pay special attention to these areas.
  4. Ensure your kids use the dining table: This rule applies if you have kids in the home, do not allow your kids to eat anywhere in the house except the table. This is one the easiest way to keep your carpet neat since it will lower the chance of having food particles drop on the floor which may stain the carpet. You can also make it mandatory that eating a snack on the carpet while watching television is prohibited; rather, your kids should eat their snack or drinks on the dining table. This will prolong the lifespan of your carpet, minimize cleaning which may lead to wear and leave the carpet fresh and neat.
  5. Get a good vacuum:ensure that your vacuum cleaner can handle the duty in your house. If you have a pet, you need a vacuum that can handle the pet’s hair properly. Also, if you have children that mess around the house, you should get a vacuum that can handle big messes. The performance of your vacuum will determine how neat your carpet will be to a large extent.

Tips for getting stains out of your carpet 

Having known how to keep the carpet clean at all time, how then do you handle stains and spills on the carpet? Here is a professional guide on how to handle stain problems on the carpet.

  • Use Soda for wine stains:club soda is indeed effective against wine and beer stains. Blot the affected area with the soda on a cloth. In case it doesn’t work, mix white vinegar with water in a sprayer bottle. Spray the area with the vinegar solution and leave it for 15 minutes to soak in. Then press a clean sponge in the area to blot out the solution and the stain. When the stain is gone, rinse the area with water and use your hands to spread the carpet strands in the direction they were before. Finally, lay a towel on the spot and place a heavy object on it to absorb the dampness from the carpet.
  • Shaving cream:this is one of the best tricks for getting rid of general stains. Shaving cream is effective for removing any kind of stain. Apply the cream to the spot and leave for thirty minutes for it to perform its wonder. After a while, blot out the cream and the stain with a towel. You can finish up the cleaning process by applying vinegar solution again.
  • Freeze gum:to remove gum from the carpet, remove about two ice cubes from your freezer. Place the ice on the gum and allow it to freeze the gum. Once the gum is frozen, lift it and cut the closest strand to it; cut just a small amount to keep the area unnoticeable.
  • Dishwater detergent:this is the best way to clean grease stains. Apply a drop or two to the grease stain and it will remove the stain just as it does to plates.

You can find more tricks and tips for getting rid of carpet stains here


Proper and regular cleaning is essential to keep your carpet in pristine condition. It takes some efforts, and some skill to effectively clean your carpet. However, you can make things a lot easier by simply hiring a professional carpet cleaning company for the job.



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