Comparing Spruce and Cedar: The Good and the Bad

With the right fence, you can transform almost any property into something truly exquisite.  Of course, you have to use the right type of fence to suit the property as well as your particular needs.

Most of the time, for example, you should probably choose a natural Woodspec fence.  But just knowing that you want a natural wood fence is not always enough. There are many different types of wood that you can use to build your fence.  

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For now, then, lets take a look at cedar and spruce.

SPRUCE: The Good and the Bad.

To put is simply: spruce is affordable.  As a matter of fact, spruce is an excellent choice for wood if you are on a tight budget but also can’t afford to sacrifice quality.  While the wood is already a less-than-stellar off-white color that can darken over time, you can always paint spruce to be whatever color you like.

In addition, you can also treat spruce with sealant, which protects it from premature aging from the elements.  Of course, if you live in a region with major weather shifts, you might have to invest more focus and time in treating your fence.  

Finally, spruce has more irregularities and blemishes than many other types of wood. So, even though it is more affordable and can last a long time, it might not always appear as consistently neat and clean as, say cedar.

CEDAR: The Good and the Bad

And speaking of cedar, this is a surprisingly durable softwood.  In fact, cedar is among the strongest of the softwoods, making it very versatile as a building material.  Still, not all types of cedar offer the same benefits so you will need to do a little research to make sure you use the right kind.  

The average cedar, though, can stand for several decades. If you treat the wood, it could last for many more years after that.  Note, however, that while natural cedar looks good when stained, the wood does not like paint; so if less natural colors were in your original plan, cedar may not be the right wood for that plan.

Finally, keep in mind that cedar can be a little more expensive.  If you are on a budget, something like spruce might be a little more appropriate.


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