Crime Scene Cleanup Services

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After the processing of a crime scene by law enforcement officers, crime scene cleanup company services can begin. A lot of people believe that the police or crime scene investigators do the clean up once the scene has been processed; however, this type of specialized service is not the obligation of law enforcement officials and they do not have the means to do it. Therefore, the duty of cleaning the crime scene is largely left up to the family.

This type of specialized cleaning is not an easy undertaking. In addition to the blood, there are typically tear gas, chemicals and fingerprint dust. Additionally, there is even significant structural damage to the property in some cases. This makes it more difficult for family members to figure out where to start. This is where a crime scene cleaning company can provide assistance.

Duties of a Cleaning Company

The primary objective of any of these specialized cleaning companies is to disinfect the scene, get rid of all contaminated material and ensure the home or property is restored to a healthy and safe state. Many of these professionals work closely with entities like medical examiners and the local police to make sure families obtain the proper support.

Cleanup companies frequently get jobs based on referrals from the police, home insurers or first responders. To keep on benefiting from these referrals, a company must earn respect by always being prompt whenever they are called to a crime scene. In addition, the cleaners must behave in a professional manner and the scene should be carefully and meticulously cleaned. A number of crime scene cleaning companies offer 24-hour service, since serious injuries and crimes are not confined to regular business hours.

It is Vital to Have Empathy

Working with family members and relatives of the victims is very delicate. As such, cleaners have to be empathetic and understand how to educate these hurting and vulnerable individuals on making informed decisions. Additionally, it is vital to ensure no trace of the crime is left behind for family members to stumble on at a later time.

Health and Safety

It is tremendously important to protect the safety of cleanup workers and future visitors to the scene. This is particularly true when there is potentially infectious material like blood scattered about. Typically, cleaners wear protective gear, which includes respirators and gloves. They are also trained to take samples of different rooms after cleaning to confirm that biological material has been removed.

Additionally, they have to comply with rules and regulations of agencies such as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for workplace safety. They also need to comply with the rules of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local agencies that regulate the proper transportation and disposal of medical waste.

There are some states that require registration of the practitioners and they must submit proof that they are contracted to carry out waste disposal. American Bio Recovery Association, which is essentially a trade association, provides certifications to individuals working within the field.

Specialized Skills

Crime scene cleanup services have various specialties. Some entirely concentrate on biological material, while others can provide clean up services for the aftermath of fires or handle black mold and other similar issues. Some companies work on the restoration of any damage to the scene, while there are others that focus solely on getting rid of crime-related materials.

Getting into new fields could require new equipment and training. For example, if a company wants to expand their operations to clean up meth lab waste that is potentially toxic, this would require specialized training from an agency like the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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