Does my Power Strip Need A Surge Protector?

When buying a power strip you can choose from many different shapes, colors, and variations. In general, you can choose whether you want to order a power strip with a toggle switch, mains filter or even with surge protection. The latter is always advertised and considered particularly important. Is that really true? Does an overvoltage protection really have to be installed? The following guide to surge protection in power strips shows you.

When can Overvoltage Occur?

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of overvoltage protection, it should first be mentioned in which cases overvoltage can generally occur.

What are surges?

Overvoltage is very strong fluctuations in the power network, which may damage connected electrical appliances. Such fluctuations always occur when there is a lightning strike or unforeseen switching operations in the substation. The lightning strike can happen either indirectly or directly. In the event of an indirect lightning strike, surges occur in the neighboring building or in the substation already mentioned. The result is heavy power fluctuations that can even spread to your home – no matter where the nearest substation is located.

A direct lightning strike is – as the name suggests – a direct impact on your home. In this case, the cables burn out due to a short circuit and the equipment is quickly overloaded and destroyed due to high fluctuations.

Overvoltage can, therefore, occur at any time. Equipment can be affected not only during a thunderstorm but also in the case of faults in the nearby substation. Especially sensitive electronic devices – such as TV sets or PCs – tend to damage quickly even with small surges.

Which Devices Can Span Quickly?

In general, it can be said that almost every electronic device can be exposed to overvoltage. However, there are some devices that you should definitely connect to a power strip that has a surge protector. We are talking here about the sensitive electronic devices.

Electricians in boston advices we should always order a power strip with surge protection when you connect a TV. Even with a PC with sensitive data, you should use a surge protector, so that they are not accidentally lost. For a router or a receiver, it looks similar. For smaller kitchen appliances – such as kettles or toasters – a surge protector is not bad but is not part of the standard equipment. 

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