Dubai Villas or Apartments: Which Ones to Buy?

In terms of choosing between purchasing an apartment or villa, you will need to consider many factors. These two are excellent choices and both have pros and cons. If you want to purchase a property and are confused whether to pick a villa or apartment, the things below can help you make a decision.

Consider the Cost

As you choose between the two types Dubai real estateproperties, you need to consider if you can afford their prices. Keep in mind that villas tend to be more expensive than apartments. In fact, even apartments situated in high-end area with lots of amenities and facilities to provide its residents. Also, you can expect hidden costs with villas including mortgage, maintenance and utility costs. Thus, you will have to consider your budget before making a choice.

Think about the Location

Location drives the buying decision of buyers. They like to buy a home which lies in an active area and offers people various amenities and facilities like parks, hospitals, schools and entertainment facilities. Before, villas were situated in the city outskirts while apartments were in the buys center. But, villas now are already in gated communities, offering a city within a city. Also, property buyers with families will like to live in a property that provides them access to what they need and want.

Think about their Saleability

Someday, you may choose to sell the property you bought and you want to ensure you won’t have a problem selling your villa or apartment then. Keep in mind that apartments tend to sell more quickly than villas. Apartments that have two or three bedrooms are highly in demand. Thus, as you put them on sale, you can expect them to get offers quickly. But, if you are buying a property to make it your main residence for life, then a villa is a better option than apartments for you and your family.

Consider the Customization Level

Villas provide a higher level of customization than apartments. They give more freedom to carry out renovations and do expansions. In case you have to make an extra room for your extended family members, you will be good with villas.


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