Fencing The Yard

Adding a fence to the side of the home or even around the entire perimeter of the yard offers several benefits, and there are numerous design ideas that will make the exterior of the home stand out. When working with the fence companies St Petersburg FL has available, you need to have a general idea in mind of the materials that you want to use along with the overall design. There are ideas that the company will offer if you just want something basic that will offer protection and privacy as well.


Every home doesn’t need a fence. You might install one to keep the yard separated from the garden area or to provide safety so that a pool has a barrier from the rest of the home. If you are using a fence to keep people away from a pool, then you need to have a secure lock in place that can’t be opened by children. A fence that you put in the front yard likely won’t have the same design as a privacy fence that you put in the back yard as you want to be able to see the road or the street from the front yard without a fence blocking the way.

A white picket fence is an ideal solution for the front yard as it gives charm and beauty to the home. You can plant flowers along the fence as a way to add color. A small gate can also be added to the fence as a way to add a bit more of a modern design. If you have a larger home or one that looks like it should be on a ranch, then consider a wooden fence that has an oak color. Materials that are contrasting in color make each component stand out. A horizontal fence design with a home that has vertical siding or vice versa is a good idea to keep in mind as it brings texture to the exterior of the home. A large tree or plant on each side of the gate in the fence accents the color that is used.

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