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Freshen Up the Look of Your Bedroom with Stylist Quilt Cover Sets

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Quilt is a blanket comprising of three coatings and all the layers are stitched together. A quilter, who prepares a quilt, gives his soul in making of this blanket. It is the colour and design that speaks to us and captures our eye. Different block designs and multicolour quilts have always been an attractive piece.

Quilt covers are just like a blanket that consists of soft layers of feathers or down feathers. Down feathers come from Eider duck, that has insulation properties. They were first used to fill quilts in Eastern Europe. Quilt cover is better than a normal quilt because you don’t have layers of blanket in it. They are light weight and easy to fold.

What matters in a cover is its fabric.

  • Flannel
  • Poly cotton
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Cotton

Cotton is eco friendly and close to nature. They are long lasting and give incredible warmth. Polywool sheeting is used with cotton to keep them in place and increase comfort and warmth. Cotton is known for its strength and durability.

Another product that is commonly used in quilt is silk which is formed from silkworm. It is generally used in quilts that can be gifted. Because not only does it keep warm but its everlasting shine reminds about your forever. Silk is soft and smooth so when you cover your body with silk quilt you feel smoothness giving you a feeling of cosiness.

Satin being slippery is always suggested to be bought with a mixture of cotton to hold it tight. Satin beddings are used on occasions and not on daily basis. Its design and shine helps in improving your room’s decor.

Polycotton is a mixture of synthetic fabric like polyester and cotton. They can be cleaned during laundering and dried quickly. Because of its wrinkle free property you can also tie it down tightly while travelling.

Flannel is a warm fabric but due to its weight people try avoiding it. It is not safe for children because of its weight.

Material has always been an important factor after durability and properties of any quilt cover. You should understand quality of each fabric before purchasing.

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