Glass works- What is it about?

Glass works have become a popular form of art around the world. What started out to be a small form of art has now become the most sought after option when it comes to decorating the interiors and the exteriors of the residences and the commercial settings. Since glass is amorphous and can be drawn into any shape or size as one wish for, glass works in Dubai has received immense popularity among the people looking to add some decorations to the interiors.

There is a wide range of glasses available in the market, though for the purpose of glass work, only very few types are used by the artisans. These glasses commonly used for the glass work purpose need to be sturdy and must also be easy enough to work on. The range of glasses that are used for the purpose of glass works in Dubai include


Stringer and rods:

As the name indicates, stringer glasses are long and threadlike with the dimensions as that of the string and the rods are cylindrical form of glasses that are bit thick in dimension than the stringer glasses.

Sheet glasses:

Sheet glasses are completely flat and can be availed in thick and thin options, depending upon the requirements.

Chunks and confetti:

These are small glass pieces that are available in varied colours. Different colours of glasses can be mixed with one another to bring out patterns and prints in the glass work.

Glass works are used for both utility and artistic purposes. This is why the types of glasses that are used for this purpose are divided as utility and artistic glasses. Both the glasses are available in stained and non-stained options and tend to differ in terms of the sturdiness of the glass that the particular purpose requires.

Uses of glass works

Glass works are majorly used as add-ons in the field of interior designing. Apart from this, this particular art form is also used for making vases and bottles. This is commonly called as glass blowing. This is done to add patterns or prints onto the vases and other glass articles that can be used as mantelpieces. When it comes to interior designing, the glass works in Dubai are being offered to people for enhancing the features of their windows, doors and walls. Along with this, there are few who request the artists to make special drawings on glasses that they can hang at their place or gift to someone special.

Forms of glass works

The common types of glass works in Dubai are,

Glass blowing:

In this, molten glass is poured in predetermined moulds to set them into distinctive shapes. Vases, bottles, lampshades, etc. are prepared in this manner.

Glass etching:

Glass etching requires the embossing of patterns and prints onto the glass’s surface.


Flameworking is done to prepare the equipments that are used in the laboratories like glass rods, beakers and other containers. These are sturdy and can take up higher temperatures.

Check out the various glass works in Dubai and choose the one that suits your need.

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