Granite Solutions in Stoney Creek

Whether you are designing your new home or remodeling the existing bathroom or kitchen, granite is no doubt one of the best materials to use on countertops. This is because it is extremely durable and adds beauty and value to your home. The material may also be used to make fireplaces, Jacuzzis and bathroom vanities. The best thing about kitchen granite is that it is also eco-friendly and hence, safe for use.

Granite Solutions in Stoney Creek

If you are in Stoney Creek, you can find a number of companies that have specialized in offering a variety of granite solutions. Besides distributing the best quality granite in Stoney Creek, the specialists at these companies can also help with the installation, fabrication and maintenance of different granite surfaces. Furthermore, they always maintain a large selection of granite products in their showrooms.

Using their vast knowledge and experience, the experts can answer any questions you may have about the price, installation and maintenance of the different surfaces. Some of the products you can get from these companies include:


  1. Granite

Granite has become the most preferred countertop material for most of today’s designers. This is because synthetic solid-surface materials cannot be compared to the depth, richness and performance of real granite. Ideally, granite is a coarse-grained crystalline igneous rock that is primarily composed of feldspar and quartz. It usually forms from the slowly cooling magma, which is subjected to intensive pressures beneath the Earth’s surface. The best thing about granite is that it is:

  1. Heat Resistant
  2. Naturally beautiful

III. Chip and scratch resistant

  1. Resistant to mildew and mould
  2. Immune to freezing & thawing

All these features are what makes granite the best material for kitchen countertops, vanity countertops, tub-surrounds and seats, tables, full walls, and fireplaces. If you are looking for the best granite in Stoney Creek, these experts can help.

  1. Edges

Manufacturing granite-edge profiles is a very labour intensive job that requires optimal precision. Fortunately, these specialists have perfected the art of designing exclusive granite-edge profiles. The experts offer two-edge profiles, which include the standard edge and premium edge profiles, which come at a slightly higher price. If you need a quality countertop that is made of granite-edge profiles, these granite experts can help you out.

  1. Quartz

To select the best countertop for your bathroom or kitchen, it is important to get your facts right. The best thing is that these professionals will help you to know the benefits of different types of countertops from granite, to quartz and marble. In the designing world, quartz is a close-second to granite. Even though it is a man-made product, it still holds the luster and elegance, which other synthetic solid-surface materials do not have. It normally comes in small pieces than the granite, hence to create beautiful quartz slabs that are used in most businesses and homes, quartz is usually bound together using resin.

Whether you want to make a vanity countertop, kitchen countertop, and tub surround, fireplace or the wall of a Jacuzzi, it is important to look for good quality materials that will offer you the performance, elegance and durability you have always dreamt of. If you are in Stoney Creek, you can come across companies that have specialized in providing superior quality granite, edges and quartz materials that can be used on different applications. Whether you are looking for the best kitchen granite, quartz or granite-edge material for your project, these experts can help you out.

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