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When you move into your first home, you want to create your own style and have creativity throughout the house. You can have a creative mind on a budget. You usually will have to deal with money no matter what. You definitely need to create a budget. Focus on what you need to spend on first before buying extra necessities. You don’t need to decorate the whole house at once. Focus on one room first, and work your way around the house. I’m not going to tell you which room to start on first, that would be your choice. You can look online, and different articles will tell you different things. Me, personally, I would start on the living room and work my way into the kitchen, since those are the main 2 rooms you will be in. Focus on getting your furniture in all the rooms first, then work on adding more improvements later on. You can decorate your own place however you want, the possibilities are honestly endless.

You can come up with a floor plan and sketch out where you want things to be, or just wing it and see where you like them the best. Where ever you do place things, you should definitely have a color palette in mind. You don’t have to color match the whole house, you can mix and match different colors and even patterns. Even use wall art to add a touch of color as well, or even just add a splash of paint to create an accent wall. You don’t have to paint every wall in your house, just one or two to create an accent. You should definitely measure everything before you go shopping to figure out what pieces of furniture will look and fit best in your house. Again, you don’t have to buy color matching furniture either, you can mix and match different colors when it comes to furniture as well. You can buy cute home accessories on a budget, like at Walmart or a Goodwill store. Another thing to do is also clean before bringing everything in. You don’t have to super clean, just dust off the cabinets and in the drawers. If you end up being unsure about what certain things you want, you can always call a pro to help you.

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