How are Ceramic Tiles Used in a Modern Lifestyle?

As much as you are surrounded by plastic all over you, if you look a bit more consciously, you will realize that you are surrounded with ceramics as well. If you don’t believe us, read below. We are sure, you will be surprised.

  1. Tiles

Our bathrooms, roofs and kitchens are fully covered with Ceramique au Sommet tiles. These tiles are glazed with various colors, print numerous designs and can be tailored according to the people’s tastes. They are durable, easy to maintain, hence perfect for bathroom or kitchen.

  1. Cars

Ceramics help in reducing the pollution and seize toxic components. Nowadays, the catalytic converters are made with the help of ceramics and in turn, these harmful fumes are transformed into non-toxic gases. Hence, having a major benefit on the environment. Ceramic components are prevalent in every aspect of a vehicle and they are deemed a lead contributor for evolving into hybrid and ecofriendly cars.

  1. Cookware

A major chunk of pots and crockery are made with the help of ceramics. Ranging from unglazed to glazed, mortar, pestles, your tea and coffee cup, ceramic is deemed a staple material in the kitchen. There are also ceramic knives which are durable as well as extremely light in weight.

  1. Artificial bones and teeth

Hardened ceramic is being used in hip replacement and is designed in such a way that it is porous and can stimulate the natural bone growth around the artificial joint. There are also many ceramic fillings found in your teeth where the ceramic is chemically bonded to your tooth that renders it strong.

  1. Space

The space shuttles of NASA’s have a plethora of heat proof tiles that protect its exterior from overheating because of the friction generated by the atmosphere of the Earth. The imminent reusable space shuttles are expected to integrate a new, streamlined ceramic component that will trigger it to be aerodynamic as well as able to tolerate temperatures more than 2400 degrees C. The nose cons of spacecraft also bear composite ceramics.

  1. Bricks

Our buildings are made with the help of bricks and these very bricks are held together by cement, which is ceramic in itself. Without the existence of ceramics, we couldn’t imagine of anything that could help in creating the four walls of our homes.

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