How Does The Over voltage Protection Work?

In general, over voltage protection means that devices on the power strip are not subject to much fluctuation. This means that the model prevents too much current from flowing through the line within a short time.

Over voltage protection usually works with a small gas chamber. This acts as an insulator and reduces the resistance in the event of a lightning strike so much that current can flow off slowly. Although high current values ​​are achieved, which does not cause damage to the line and the equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of overvoltage protection for power strips at a glance

Do you remember the days when your grandparents disconnected all devices from the electricity in a storm of concern and were therefore reduced to practising handicrafts instead of watchingour beloved cartoons? This has come to an end thanks to socket strips with overvoltage protection!

The mechanics help you automatically to prevent the loss of your equipment in case of problems in the substation, lightning strikes and other.

With a power strip with surge protection, you can simultaneously protect multiple devices by immediately disconnecting the voltage.

Many surge-protected power strips have other useful features, such as the ability to disconnect a variety of devices at the same time, eliminating the cost of having your device’s standby.

You can calmly leave the house or your apartment without worrying about what happens to your electrical appliances in the event of a thunderstorm.

This comprehensive protection of your devices has its price, but at the latest makes itself pay after one-off fluctuations in the mains voltage.

Surge protection –to buy or not to buy?

The advantages of overvoltage protection can be seen in the previous sections. The overvoltage protection ensures that electrical appliances do not overload when it comes to an indirect or direct lightning strike. Nevertheless, it can not always make sense to order such surge protection.

In which places does over voltage protection make no sense?This is always the case when very inferior or rather unimportant devices are connected. The cost of a power strip with surge protection is usually slightly higher than if you would order a standard power strip. The expenses must be worthwhile for the equipment. But as soon as you connect sensitive devices, purchasing over voltage protection becomes useful and essential!But Electrician RI will have best advice and solutions to your electrical problems, so seek help before making a purchase..

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