How does the transfer of your mortgage work?

You have the idea that it may be beneficial to transfer your mortgage to another bank. Then of course you want to know how that works, what’s involved. In this step-by-step plan you will see exactly what is required for the transfer of your mortgage.

Compare current mortgage rates

We split the steps into ‘run-up’ and ‘execution’. The run-up is your process of deciding whether you really want to switch your mortgage and consist of the following steps:


Check to get in the picture or cross over before you are interested. You can also make separate calculations for the penalty interest, your new monthly payment or your maximum mortgage at the moment.


Take a good look at the mortgage interest rates that are currently being offered by lenders, so that you do not count yourself rich but also do not fall short. The comparison should be focused on the city or area where you live. For example if you live in Manchester, you need to contact professional mortgage services Manchester.


Study the available information and frequently asked questions about switching, so that you will not be faced with surprises.

To request

Talk to an independent expert about your consideration to transfer your mortgage.

Execution of the transfer

The issues related to the actual transfer of your mortgage hardly differ from taking out a new mortgage. Logical, because you close a new mortgage – only without buying a house.

New mortgage installation

Here you determine how high the mortgage should be, which type of mortgage (s) you want, how long the interest rate should be fixed. This arrangement is important when choosing the best fitting mortgage.

Calculating the chosen device

Before you decide what the new mortgage will look like, it is important which financial consequences the choices have. Not only for soon, but also in the future. Or if your mortgage interest deduction expires.

Selection and interest offer

On the basis of the calculations and the possibilities in the mortgage market, you choose the mortgage that you actually want to close. You request an interest rate offer from the relevant bank, so that you know that the interest has been fixed for you. Again, if you live in Manchester, get the mortgage advice Manchester.

Deliver pieces

The interest offer indicates which documents you must submit to substantiate your mortgage application. You have to show how your income is and the value of your home. The bank assesses these documents and if everything is agreed, the transfer of your mortgage can continue definitively.

Signing at the notary

If the bank agrees you can make an appointment with the notary for the signing of the mortgage deed. You will first receive a draft to check, just like a draft settlement. In that statement you can see what happens with the money from your new mortgage: mainly repaying your old mortgage and paying costs – with perhaps a residual amount for renovation.

Hopefully this article can increase your knowledge about how the transfer of mortgage works.

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