How to best use a letting agent to let your property

Thinking about leasing your home? The method may be a hard and time consuming one, however the rewards may be significant after you get everything right.

Preparing to let your property

Before you start the method of leasing your property, you would like to be completely ready. There’s plenty to try and do before you’ll be ready for obtaining your new tenants through the door.

First impressions count for everything when it involves property, thus it is important your home appearance is at its best for potential tenants. Maintaining this condition for all of your viewings can offer you the most effective likelihood of leasing your home and achieving the most effective attainable value. So, what preparations must you make?

The external view

This is the primary view your potential tenants can have of your property, thus you ought to concentrate on optimizing its look. Make certain all aspects of your property measure up to scratch and meet all of the specified standards to provide you the most effective likelihood of finding the correct tenants and achieving the most effective value.

Tidy up the front and back garden (weed, trim hedges, add some new plants if necessary, clear any dead or unpleasant plants, mow and fix a broken lawn)

  • Repair cracks, holes or blemishes within the private road or walls
  • Give the window frames and door a lick of paint if they need it
  • Make certain the house is clearly visible
  • Keep rubbish and rubbish bins out of sight

The interior

The physical standards of the property itself, there are various different standards that may have to be compelled to be met, as well as safety standards for gas and pieces of furniture. Browse a lot of rules concerning your health and safety obligations in our guide to being a landowner.

Declutter – produce more room by moving some pieces of furniture into storage, tidy away or take away needless objects, books and knick-knacks, filter cabinets and wardrobes of non-essential things.

Make minor repairs – fix leaky faucets and cracks within the walls, replace broken or crooked tiles, replace burned-out lightweight bulbs – make certain everything works

  • Clean completely from high to bottom – carpets, floors, windows, fixtures and fittings
  • Eradicate unpleasant odors, like pet smells and fag smoke
  • Decorate rooms if needed – a lick of paint will re-energize the looks of an area
  • Clean, tidy and make presentable
  • Of an adequate size for the family composition?
  • Clean and free from mold, like damp
  • Free from serious disrepair
  • Structurally sound and not affected by conditions like subsidence?

If the property is to be occupied by one family or party, this constitutes a House in Multiple Occupation and more rules can have to be compelled to be adhered to, similarly as registering together with your authority. Browse a lot of concerning needs for homes in Multiple Occupation on the department of Communities and Government web site.

It may look like plenty of labor, however with time, energy and even a little bit of cash spent currently, it might very easily create the distinction to quickly let your property and the way a lot of rent you’ll charge.

Other issues

Think about the kind of accommodation you’re offering to let and the way you’re progressing to let it out.

  • How can it be publicized – for instance, 2 bedrooms with a study, or 3 bedrooms?
  • What are your circumstances – can you be living there additionally, can you be living close or living abroad?
  • Will you let the total property to at least one tenant (or family), or can you let individual rooms to variety of various tenants?
  • Who can your target market be? Families, students, professionals?
  • Get a transparent understanding of the value of running your property – property tax, utility bills

These different issues can have an effect on how you prepare and proceed with the lease and also the decisions you create in managing it.

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