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How to Build A Terrace – The Basics of Planning and Preparation

A terrace is a place of leisure or relaxation that can be used for various activities like entertaining, resting or to just enjoy the good weather. It’s normally a place that can be an enriching outdoor experience with all the comforts of home at your fingertips. Your time is the most important thing that is needed for Terrasi ehitus or terrace construction, you need to properly prepare and plan to get a terrace that matches or exceeds your desire.home

Primary consideration – use of terrace

The first thing that you should work out is what you want to use your terrace for. First, chalk out its need whether it’s for personal use or for commercial usage. On the basis of this, you can workout an outline of your expectations from the terrace that you will be building. A few things that you can consider on the basis of your choice of a personal or a commercial terrace usage

  • The size of terrace – you don’t want your terrace to be a small place. It should be able to fulfill your need whether its entertaining or just relaxing. The terrace should be large enough to have ample movement space for you and your guests. You will need around 20 square meters of space if you need to entertain four guests in a barbecue setting.
  • Drainage system for the surface water
  • The type of lighting required.
  • Air circulation needed for space under the terrace.
  • The type of support required.
  • Whether the terrace enhances the total look of the property and how to design it in tandem with existing structures.
  • The condition of subsurface as well as positioning of the substructure for maximum stability.
  • Type and kind of decking layer.

Location of the terrace

You need to select the best location for your terrace as per your personal requirement. This will affect all the other requirements for terrace building. The location will play a major role in aspects like support structure, drainage system etc. While choosing a location you should be careful to consider the intended use of your terrace.

Decking and substructure

Another thing that needs your attention will be choosing the type and kind of decking. The basic types of decking material that you can choose from are

  • Timbers
  • Tiles
  • Concrete
  • Natural stone etc.

Depending on the subsurface you need to decide on the substructure that fulfills all the requirements. Choosing the finishing profiles also needs to be decided in advance, it’s often available in materials to match your decking.

One of the important aspects of terrace construction is whether you want terrace enclosed or not. This affects the all season usability and maintenance of your terrace. An enclosed terrace is easy to clean and it can be used in extreme weather conditions. This not only helps to keep those pesky insects out, but is also an energy efficiency feature that is hard to resist.

For the best roofing solution and other terrace components, you need an expert solution provider like Malmerk Klaasium. They have the experience and expertise to make your terrace a place to relax and spend time in.


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