How to buy a paper shredder for your office? Find here!

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Despite the focus on paperless work, we do use a lot of paper for regular business needs. Unwanted paper waste in office often contains sensitive and important information, which should be destroyed effectively before disposal. That’s exactly where a paper shredder comes handy. If you check for a paper shredder at 123ink Canada, you will be overwhelmed with the choices, which is why have decoded some of the key aspects to take note.

The options

One of the simplest ways to categorize paper shredders is by the cut. There are three choices in that segment –

  1. Strip-cut shredder. As the name implies, a strip-cut shredder cuts the paper vertically into thing strips. Unless you are dealing with highly-important and sensitive information, strip-cut shredders are just fine for regular use in small offices. The cut paper isn’t usable but can be still readable to some extent, which number of stripes being around 35 for each A4 sized paper.
  2. Cross-cut shredder. A cross-cut shredder cuts the paper from both corners diagonally. In many ways, cross-cut shredders are better than strip-cut variants. These are usually considered to be ideal for shredding and disposing sensitive documents. Each paper of A4 size is shredded into about 400 particles.
  3. Micro-cut shredder. If you are focused on security alone and don’t mind paying a higher price, a micro-cut shredder is what you need. Each A4 size paper is shredded in about 3,500 particles, so it is impossible to retrieve any information.

If you are buying one for regular use in the office, a shredder with cross-cut system is the ideal pick by all means.

What to look for?

Besides the cut, there are a few more aspects that one must be looking for. First and foremost, check the number of papers that can be shredded in each pass. This is more essential and relevant when you have considerable volume of paper to be destroyed each day. Next, check the time for which the shredder can run in one go. This can be as low as one minute, while the average ones are expected to run continuously for at least three minutes. Check the size of the pullout bin. It makes no sense to go for a paper shredder that has a small bin, because you would need to empty it each time before using again.

With paper shredders, there’s one more concern -the noise level. You will find a note of the same on the product manual, mentioned in decibels. Anything that’s 72-decibel or less is decent for regular use. Besides papers, paper shredders are also used for shredding CDs, credit cards and other kinds of materials, so check what the product can handle. If you want to shred a lot of items and sensitive cards, it is best to go for one that’s more versatile.

Check the warranty

Finally, don’t miss the warranty on the product, which is of utmost importance. Most of the regular paper shredders have a decent warranty of one-year, while the ones meant for heavy usage are more effective and have inclusive warranty.

The best place to buy paper shredders is online. Check with vendors who have a wide range of products and compare the options, based on the features, price and other details mentioned above. Paying a tad more for a better paper shredder is always a good idea.

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