How To Choose Best Restoration Process And Know its Maintaining Tips

Investing in solid pine furniture wax with your dream home can be the most rewarding purchases that you can get made of it. One of the main problems of using the pine furniture is that it receives a few bumps and the knocks from your day to day life. Some of the most common questions that consumers ask are; how do I restore my pine furniture? How do I maintain my pine furniture? The best way to avoid having to repair and get offered with furniture restoration Dubai with your pine furniture is to look after your furniture from the moment you purchase an item.

Follow these simple steps to maintaining and protecting your pine furniture:

  • Never place your pine furniture next to a radiator or in full view of direct sunlight. The wood will reduce in size when it is exposed to heat which can cause the wood to crack.
  • Do not place any hot or cold items directly onto the surface of the wooden furniture. Use a placemat and coasters to place hot plates and cold drinks onto.
  • Any spills should be cleaned up immediately with a clean/damp cloth. Do not rub the spill as this will spread to other areas of the wood. Carefully get blotted with the liquid that makes the cloth to get soaked naturally.
  • Keeping your pine furniture clean is essential. Use a dust cloth to wipe the surface of the furniture at least once a week. Avoid using oil-based polishes or aerosol sprays as they are capable of removing with the natural texture and characteristics of the pine material and gives the wood with a sticky finish.
  • If you have any small dents in your pine furniture restoration Dubai, place a damp cloth over the dent for several hours.

The moisture again gets absorbed to the wood that backs to the original shape but is very cautious as this is the trail and error process.

  • A block wax can be used to re-treat the surface of the pine by rubbing the surface of the pine every 2-3 months. Repeat the wax coating process annually.
  • Take care when moving furniture restoration Dubai and never drag the pieces across the floor as this will cause damage to the joints.

A little care and maintenance can go a long way in prolonging the character and beauty of your wooden furniture. Visit the Hotel Furniture website for more great furniture care advice.

Methods Used In the Restoration Process

Professionals use different furniture restoration Dubai methods and it entirely depends upon the existing condition of the antique, the material and the complexity of the design. When you approach a professional furniture restoration company, they will first evaluate the object to determine what level of restoration it needs. They may have to estimate the age and determine the type of wood. You can also provide them with all the important information that you have about the furniture. To give back the lost charm, the professionals may have to restore certain components, clean all the nooks and corners and use furniture polishing chemicals to give it a fine and final finish.

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