How to Clean Mildew off Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning mildew off outdoor furniture in Hobart is just one of the aspects of maintenance that will extend the longevity of your outdoor pieces. One method won’t always work for every material and it can vary based on the material type. So on that note, here are some guidelines on how to remove outdoor furniture mildew.


Bleach is the most popular product known for getting rid of mildew. It can be used on a host of fabrics, but if the concentration is too strong it can cause discoloration and deterioration. If you want to make a bleach solution that will clean without discoloring, get a gallon of water and add a half cup of bleach. Mix properly and apply to furniture using a spray bottle. Spray on a tiny section of the fabric to test for color fastness and apply more water if necessary. After applying the solution, use a mild brush to scrub the mixture into the fabric and rinse with clean water.


Some people may think that because they purchased wooden outdoor furniture Perth or somewhere else, they won’t have to worry about mildew. On the contrary, mildew is able to affect wooden furniture as well. Cleaning solutions made with vinegar can be used if you don’t want the bleach scent to linger. Undiluted white distilled vinegar can be used by spraying it on the furniture and wiping with a clean cloth. For tougher stains, get a half of cup baking soda, one cup of ammonia, one gallon of hot water and a half cup of white vinegar. Mix all the ingredients together, apply with a sponge then wipe with a clean damp cloth.


Plastic mesh

Cleaning this particular type of furniture can be time-consuming based on the overlapping design of the mesh. The best remedy to use in this case would require a gallon of hot water, two cups of white vinegar and two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Pour everything into a container and combine properly. Apply the solution on the furniture and use a soft brush to scrub into the grooves. Rinse properly then use a clean cloth to dry the furniture in the sun.


Outdoor furniture Brisbane made from wicker can pose a challenge, given that mildew can develop within the weave. To properly clean furniture made from this material you will need a sponge, a pressure washer, a hose, and soap. You will then make a solution of soap and water that will be used to wipe down the furniture. This helps to loosen any dirt particles before rinsing with the hose or pressure washer. After the furniture is dry, you can apply paste wax to ensure the problem does not repeat itself.