How to Create a Warm and Cozy Home in a Cold Looking Apartment

A home should never be a place only to shelter yourself for the night. It should be the place you and your family find comfort and peace of mind.

A warm and cozy home will always be inviting. People want to be in a warm house where they can feel comfortable and cozy.

Cold seasons are never fun.  However, these tips will help to keep your cold apartment warm and cozy.

  1. Layering furniture

Layering furniture is a way of warming a house effortlessly. Use a blanket and pillows to layer your couch.

Invest in pillows of different shapes to enable you to do various activities such as sleeping and reading.

  1. Warm colors for the walls

Most people tend to ignore this, but a room color has an effect on the warmth of that room. It all starts psychologically! Dull colors will make a room seem warm.

Cozy shades such as orange, yellow and brown will give a subtle yet significant warmth effect to your apartment.

  1. Soft rugs

Soft rugs are not just good for home decor but also as warming pieces. A persian rug with your desired texture for comfort will add a great deal of warmth under your feet.

Persian rugs come in various textures, ideal to keep your apartment warm. These rugs will save your feet the wrath of the bare cold floor.

  1. Choose your curtains wisely

Your choice of curtains will determine how your house feels and looks. Natural color curtains give a home an illusion of being warm and comfortable.

 Get thick curtains if your windows face the direction of the sun, and thin ones if they face the other direction. The room becomes lit and thus a welcoming appearance.

Curtains act as good insulators as they prevent the warm air from getting out of the house and thus maintaining the warmth.

  1. Insulate your home

Most people consider this option as expensive. However, it is actually cheaper than paying huge electricity bills that a heater accumulates.

Use glass fiber to protect your house from cold temperatures. This protective layer will also insulate warm air from escaping from the house and thus keep the house warm throughout.

  1. Wood fire

You do not always have to pay electric bills to warm your apartment. All you need to do is invest in a fireplace. A wood fire is an affordable and very effective in warming a cold house.

The heat produced by the wood burning in the fireplace circulates throughout the room via airflow. Turn on a fan to aid the circulation of the warm air in the house.

A fireplace makes a living room look elegant.

  1. Floor Heating

This is an ideal modern warming technique for small houses. A floor heating system uses radiation, convection and conduction to keep a house warm.

Nothing would feel as good as walking barefooted on a warm floor in your home.

If you are planning on investing in a long term heating system for your home, then you should consider this option.

Image, Pixabay CC0 license

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