How To Deal With Common Tree Problems?

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People who love gardening grow trees and plants in their courtyard and spend their leisure time in caring for their courtyard trees and plants. They usually get worried when they find their trees are not growing well as it would. Trees need a lot of care as we care our babies in their growing period. If you notice any sign of browning of the leaves, insect infestation or cracks on the tree trunk, it could be a symptom of a severe problem and it needs to be resolved as soon as possible to protect a tree from dying. You can get help from Al Miley & Associates; they are the best Arborist and provide the best tree removal GTA. Here we discussed the best ways to deal with the common tree problems.

  • Lack Of Mineral and Nutrients

Trees in the forest are more healthy and grow more than the tree in our courtyard, a common cause of this issue is that tree in our landscape does not get enough mineral and nutrients all year around. We remove all the fallen leaves from our landscape to look the place tidy, here the problem starts as the landscape trees do not enjoy the benefits of nutrient-rich soil from decomposing leaves. In such a case, mulching and fertilizing trees in your landscape solve the issue and it recovers the lost nutrients and makes the tree healthier.

  • Soil Compaction

Besides the gardening, we do a number of activities in our yard such as; run, play, walk. All the foot traffic causes soil compaction that may restrict the growth of your tree. Moreover, the soil is more compacted during the construction of your house or remodeling of your house. If your landscape soil has compacted, you should consult Al Miley & Associates for the best solution for this issue.

  • Pest Infestation

When you plan your tree in the wrong location, your tree might be stressed due to the lack of adequate nutrients and minerals that allow it to flourish. Furthermore, the issue may become worse when your tree is more probable to be targeted by some pests.

  • Natural and Mechanical Damages

If your pets are living in your yard, they may damage your tree especially the rabbits and dears. Moreover, the lawn mowers and string trimmers also may harm the branches and roots of the tree while using, and when the tree is wounded, these wounds may disrupt the trees’ spread of water and proper nutrients.


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