How to Fill up Blank Spaces in Living Room? Sharing Some Ideas Only for You

Leaving some blank spaces, helps create some interesting relief in interior. However, too much of blankness creates a feel of loneliness. In that case, you need to think about some excellent and elegant ideas to fill up the blanks.

Most homeowners think about hanging a mirror or a big piece of artwork on the wall. But there are other ideas as well to fulfil your desire. Investing in a major statement piece will bring a quick and visible transformation in your living room. There is no hard and fast rule about what you can pick up to decorate your blank well. Go with what appeals to your eyes instead of what fits your living room wall. Here are some wall decorating ideas you can take inspiration from:

Leaning Items

Big investment is not the key to interesting decoration. Play around everyday objects of visual interest and add your own personal touch by leaning them strategically against the wall in your living room. Some celebrity interior designers suggest that the homeowners should choose unique and unorthodox objects for the purpose. Use a chic object, such as a long mirror or artwork to lean against the wall.

Large Paintings

Nothing can beat the large-scale paintings when it comes to adding some interesting character to your blank wall. The larger the painting, the more insightful the visual statement! Place a larger piece of beautiful painting to decorate the narrow wall near the entryway. Hang another framed artwork beyond the living room to create contrast and depth. If it is a lightweight painting, you can do it yourself; but for larger framework, it makes sense to hire a professional.

Organized Gallery Art

If you want to go with a collage of small artworks instead of hanging a larger item on the wall, an organized gallery art is what will add some striking visual elements to the blank wall. Make sure to create a perfect alignment with the most beautiful small artworks in your collection.

The modern way of decorating wall with gallery arts is to use the frames of same size and place those one after another from left to right and top to bottom. It will lend a perfectly symmetrical look. Make it a point to leave an equal amount of space between the photos. You can use the best photo book maker (for example, Mixbook Photobook) to display your favourite shots in an organized way.

Modern Arts

If you are not in favour of using a traditional prints or painting, go with a dynamic artwork like a sculptural object. Right placement of such an alternative artwork is also important. Choose a place that is unusual and underutilized. For example, the place above the mantel. Think differently while redoing the space above the fireplace. Instead of hanging a large painting, mount your TV set in this area and fill the surrounding walls with some interesting and artistic works.

Shining Mirrors

Lustrous mirrors add colour, opulence and depth to the wall and entire interior. An iridescent mirror fit within the thin wooden rim looks and feels cohesive. Such an item adds an instant accent and a strong feel of roominess to your living room.

There are plenty of ideas to fill the blank wall of your living room. It is up to your choice and budget how you will beautify and brighten up the blank spaces with a personal touch of elegance and élan.

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