How To Know The Best Apartment Moving Companies In Austin?

There are countless moving companies in Austin and even more in the state of Texas. They all offer their services for a certain price and they all claim to be the best. The truth is only a few of them are really good and let’s be honest, no one is the best. Everyone has some flaws.

However, if you decided to move and you’re looking for the best movers that money can get, then you need to make a thorough research. Get inside the information of each one that seems like a good match. If you don’t know how to do this, continue reading and learn more.

Look for Online reviews

The first place you can start your quest for a great mover is the internet. There are lots of websites offering both customer and business manager reviews of the clients. Some of these sites are so well made, that you can find every detail you need.

The most important here is the reviews from the moving companies’ previous clients. This is what you need to look for. Skip the part of the sponsored offers and go straight to the options where you can set how you want to manage the search results.

If you’re on a short budget, ask for the most affordable, if you don’t take anything less than the best quality, look for the ones with the best track score. Another highly important thing here is to look through the negative comments. If you find more comments regarding one issue, being slow for example, you’ll know that those guys do a good job, but it takes more time to do it. If you want things done fast, then better go to your next option until you find the best match.

Compare prices

If you find two great options and you can’t decide, look for the one that offers a better price. However, look through the list of services and what is offered for the price. You won’t find this in the review section as people usually ask for additional fees before they make the contract.

Sometimes companies say the price is lower, but after some additional services, you’ll understand that the other option you had in mind would’ve been a better choice. That’s why you need to ask what goes in the price and how much you’ll be charged for other services. See some of those things here.

Ask for insurance


Insurance is very important in the moving business. Hiring people of the street that have no insurance is the most affordable, but they won’t guarantee that nothing will be broken, lost, or stolen.

Professional movers usually have huge deals with insurance companies. This is the warranty for their product, and the product is called getting your home from one place to another. If anything, unwanted happens you don’t have to worry about who’s going to pay for the damage. If you have valuable items, this is even more important. Expensive paintings, precious china, or something else can’t be compensated in case they get damaged, so making sure that the company you hire has insurance is very important in this case.

See their experience

When we talked about online reviews, we didn’t mention the fact that some movers might have a great track record, but little experience. It’s not the same to have a perfect score from 5 jobs and have a decent record from 500 jobs.

Experience is far more important. A moving team of people that are working together for years can handle unexpected situations with ease. Unlike newbies who’ll struggle with the same situation. For example, a simple rain can change your plans if you’re dealing with a staff that never had to work in the rain. On the other hand, an experienced crew who worked under the rain for years will be able to handle this problem in seconds. Here’s a great page for reviews:

They have the equipment and the knowledge to load and unload the truck in every weather condition. They also won’t have any problem lifting every single piece of heavy furniture or complex item you have in your home. That’s why experience is so important.

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