How To Make The Most Of Your Opening Reception And Exhibition

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Congratulations! You are going to have an exhibition! You have been accepted for professional gallery representation, arranged the dates, built a relationship via your gallery, and meticulously chosen and shipped all the artworks for your representation. Everything is indeed out of your hands at the moment, right? Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Don’t call it a day just yet. There are still several things you could do to adequately prepare for an opening reception to ensure that you get the best out of your exhibition and reception. The initial opening of an exhibition or reception could be a great opportunity for you as an artist to further your career, and it’s important to approach the night from that perspective.

You would prepare before presenting an important report or statement to your boss, right? Consider this as being similar to that: proper preparation can make or break your career!

#1: Pick A Message

Meditate on what this reception will say about you. Are you carrying out your exhibition abroad? Is this your very first reception? Is it a collective presentation or a solo presentation? What unique attribute do you have that can attract the attention of your spectators?

By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be able to get yourself prepared for all the questions you will receive. Making sure you are fully prepared is undoubtedly one way of letting the world know that you are a serious artist with works worth seeing. Furthermore, understanding and knowing how to comprehend your “message” is a big part of establishing your brand: something that comes in handy in your promotion, online, in print, and in person.

#2: Pick the Right Opening Reception Outfit

Part of letting the world know that you are indeed a serious artist is reflected in the way you dress. Unless specified otherwise that your opening exhibition or reception is going to have a specific dress code, then you can have a lot of other options.

Most artists make the common mistake of either dressing too casually or too formally. A dedicated artist does not need to put on paint-splatter smocks and socks to an opening exhibition or reception, nor does he/she need to wear a bathroom gown. Below are three essential things you need to get the best reception outfit:

  • Look professional
  • Be comfortable
  • Wear clothes that you feel confident in

Your confidence can be promoted with the right presentation, and confidence is one of the primary keys to impress your audience.

#3: Prepare Good Talking Points

Receptions could sometimes be busy, lively occasions in places like Montreal, where most art lovers are out for the evening especially to different galleries like Galerie LeRoyer Montreal. Visitors enjoy speaking to artists. They also know that an opening reception is a perfect time to do it. Do not be stunned by the attention, and also do not get intimidated. Have it in mind that these people are anxious about your art and your opening reception is an opportunity they will have to learn and know more about you.


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