How to make your bathroom attractive!

Bathroom Designing is very important in today’s world. If you are planning to buy a new house or to renovate the current one, you may need some help in choosing a good bathroom vanity. It is not just the picking of right vanity style but also much more. You need to choose a good wall layout, texture, and shape. Here are 5 tips on how to decorate a bathroom that can help

Settle on a Layout

First of all, check out space and decide how big you want the vanity to be. Most of the people just skip this and choose colors and other fixes. You should decide where it should be kept. You can go for a gallery layout that consists two separate spaces. You can choose your desired skin for each one. A two space vanity gives you one space to wash up and another one for seating. If you don’t feel there is enough space for a gallery layout, there are many trending horizontal vanities which will give you full space to dress up.

Determine the number of Sinks

It will be a good decision to choose a vanity style that can accommodate the varieties of sinks  that you desire. Many people search how to decorate a bathroom. The most common is the vanity with two Sinks option but unfortunately, it requires a huge space and space restrictions are never appreciated. For a small bathroom, a single sink vanity is mostly recommended. You can have drawers at the both sides for keeping the necessary things inside it.

Choose the Style

This is the second thing you should choose after layout. It completely depends on you like if you are a traditional lover, go for the fancy traditional cabinets or a pedestal sink. Before choosing to find the answer to some questions such as you need paint or stain, color, type of door and pullouts of drawers. There is furniture styles vanity which is in latest trend. Floating vanity is also an option as it provides a good space below and that space can be utilized in other different ways.

Type of Sink

Find out the best sink material, color, type, and shape. There are a number of options in the sink type like there are under mount type, Vessel Sinks, Drop-in Sinks. Choose according to your need and make best out of it.

Choose the right countertop

For the best look, choose granite or quartz option. A good countertop should be durable as well as attractive. There are various other options like wood, marble, concrete etc. so, choose the right one.


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