How to Make Your Trip to St. Lucia a Memorable Vacation

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Vacation is an adventure whether you prefer to spend your time relaxing and unwinding or experiencing everything a new location has to offer. No matter where you go or what you want from your vacation, though, there are a few things you should do in advance to ensure your trip is seamless and enjoyable. Failure to plan for a stress-free vacation is sometimes the best way to fail to enjoy yourself. 

Book the Right Place to Stay 

If you’re booking a tropical vacation in St. Lucia, it’s helpful to know where to stay. You can choose a luxury hotel, an affordable motel, or you can book an exceptional villa with uninterrupted views of the water and every amenity you want. No two visitors are the same, which means your preferences differ from others. You might prefer a vacation rental in a budget-friendly hotel to a luxury villa rental. If you have a large family and want the modern conveniences of home, however, you might prefer having multiple bedrooms, a pool, and a full kitchen in a villa rental. How much you enjoy your vacation depends on how much you enjoy your accommodations. 

Plan Activities in Advance 

Instead of looking for things to do in St Lucia when you arrive, it’s better to plan of time. Excursions, adventures, and fun activities are easier to plan before you arrive. You risk finding you can’t book an activity at a convenient time if you wait, and sometimes you might find something is so popular you can’t get a reservation. Your activities are easily planned if you know what you want to do. 

Know What to Expect 

Expect the unexpected when you travel anywhere. Knowing how long your travels will take, what kind of weather to expect, and what kind of time it takes to navigate your travels on the island can help you plan accordingly. You can pack appropriately, leave yourself with enough time to make it to dinner or other activities, and you’ll spend less time rushing if you know what to expect. It’s always helpful to expect that anything might happen to help you prepare. 


It’s rare a vacation goes precisely according to plan, but you can still enjoy it with its bumps. If you relax and go with the flow, you’ll fit right into the island life. Expect to spend plenty of time in the sun, expect to eat well, and expect to handle whatever happens with ease. It makes travel more fun. 

St. Lucia is an island with a diverse culture that makes it enjoyable for people with different wants and needs. If you forget everything else while on the island, remember to apply sunscreen to keep your skin safe. If you have that and a sense of adventure, you’ll enjoy your vacation from start to finish. The island has much to offer, and a lot of it can be pre-booked and decided upon before you ever arrive.


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