How To Prepare For Bathroom Renovations

Congratulations on making the big step to renovating your bathroom. It’s going to be a major undertaking, but with the right team and some preparedness, the entire renovation process can move along quickly and easily. You won’t even know the construction is being done!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But if you follow the tips below for preparing for a bathroom renovation, the problems that arise can be simplified, leaving you with more peace of mind and less of a headache.

Let’s get started.

Find another place to bathe

No matter what, you’re going to have to find another place to bathe. It’s nice when your home as two bathrooms with showers, but what happens if your one and only shower is undergoing renovations? Never assume that the renovation project is going to finish ahead of time, because you will most likely still be without a shower for about a week. Talk with nearby family members, your neighbor, or even consider getting a shower at the local gym.

Clear a route

Though self-explanatory, it deserves mentioning that you need a clear and open path leading to and from the bathroom. When you have people coming in, they will need a place to store their tools, work on any appliances and furnishings, and move around freely. By getting things out of the way, you limit the chance of damages to your household. It also helps if you designate a place where tools and trash can be kept.

Lay down protective coverings

Keep your carpet and linoleum unscathed during the renovations by laying down protective floor coverings. Ask your contractor if they do this. Even if they do, have some extra sheets available. You might need extra for high traffic areas. The reasons you want protective coverings on your floor is simple. First, it limits the amount of clean up you have to do later on. Second, people constantly moving in and out, carrying tools and other heavy objects, could permanently damage any unprotected flooring.

Gather the materials

Once you have decided on what you’re going to be using for the renovations, it’s time to ensure everything you need is going to be delivered on time. Make sure to discuss everything you need with the professional contractors so that nothing is missing. Even one absent piece can cause hours to a few days of delays. Also, if you choose to purchase a package or have items sourced straight from the contractor, then you should follow up with them. Ideally, the contractor will deliver everything a few days before the start date of the renovations.

Be prepared for garbage

Guess how much garbage a single renovation project can produce? A typical bathroom project will create about 8-10 large bins of waste, which can be more than 500 pounds! No one wants to be left with that kind of rubbish in their yard or home. See if the contractor can arrange a garbage disposal to be delivered to your yard. This will be an extra free, so you can always rent a dumpster on your own. However, you don’t want to forget this vital step!

Planning for remodeling your bathroom is more than deciding on the design and letting the professionals do their job. You need to create a safe space for people to work, too. Proper preparations can streamline the renovations, so construction can move along quickly, and you can enjoy your new bathroom sooner!


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