How to Sell Your Holiday Home Online with an Online Estate Agent

You should have in mind the difference between online and in-person real estate agency. Therefore, we have to say that online estate agents can help you sell your household without using traditional forms and methods.

Most of them work through call centers or websites, and they will provide you more services than a regular real estate agent will for a lower fee in overall.

You should check out our online estate agent guide to determine the difference between standard and online ways for selling your household.

We can differentiate two types of online agents that appeared on the market in the last few years:

  • Online Only – Similarly as you thought when you’ve seen the name, online-only estate agents require from seller to handle everything by himself such as taking images, creating an advert and handling inquiries, negotiation prices and conducting viewings.
  • Hybrid Agencies – At the same time, most online estate agents became hybrid agencies that will provide you experts to understand how to sell and buy local properties and they can handle inquiries, negotiate offers and accompany viewings.

How Do They Work?


If we compare hybrid agencies, we can easily say that they are quite similar to the ones you will find traditionally on the market. Most of them will provide you the possibility to market and value your home as well as get property viewings.

They can accept and negotiate on your behalf and communicate with other estate agents and buyers until they sell your house.

This particular service usually comes with a higher fee than basic package, and you will be able to find numerous agencies on the market to compare pricing based on your preferences and budget requirements.

When compared with ordinary real estate agents that will charge based on the percentage of selling price, most online estate agents will charge you a fixed fee.

Therefore, it means that you will be able to get an online agent for cheaper price tag than standard ones since you will sell your house for plenty of money. Best way to learn more on how to sell your home by yourself is by clicking here for more information.

For instance, if you sell a property worth $300 thousand by using regular estate agency, they will charge you at least one percent commission fee, which means that you have to pay three thousand dollars.

On the other hand, online estate agents will charge you a flat fee, which could be between three hundred and a few thousand dollars based on the package you decide to use, and not regarding the value of your property.

Remember that the main disadvantage of online estate agents is paying upfront, which means that you have to spare money before you sell your home. Paying a fixed fee will reduce their incentive to help you sell the property for the highest price possible.

Have in mind that some online estate agents will provide you the ability to pay when you finish with selling, but in that case, you will have to spare higher price than fixed fee we mentioned above.

Of course, everything depends on their business model and payment methods, which mean that some of them will offer you, deferred payment option, which means that you will pay in the future, for instance, a few months afterward.

That will allow you to market your home, sell it and then pay for the charges with the agency, but it is important to read the agreement before you sign it because some of them could have significant interest.

How to Conduct Property Valuation with Online Estate Agent?

It is vital to remember that online-only agents will use only online data so that they can estimate the value of your home. On the other hand, hybrid agencies will send an expert to conduct a valuation or do it by him or herself.

If you wish to sell your house online, you should check out this site:

When it comes to valuation, you should have in mind that conducting estimations with three agencies would allow you to create a perfect balance so that you can see how much you can get.

By finding various companies that will conduct estimation and provide you written report afterward, you will be able to create a perfect price so that you can sell your home with ease.

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