How to start your own business

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Money is not the primary. The most important thing is work. We hear about financing, loans, markets, partnerships, profits. Most importantly, we forget the primary, which is the work itself.

First steps

We do a very good market research to see if our idea exists or not. Let’s find out if it’s already outdated or, on the contrary, far ahead of its time. And we do not have to spend money on it, research it on our own from the Internet, to our friends, with questionnaires that we will probably share with people and organizations.

Faith to the goal

If we find that our idea really deserves to be realized, the next step is to serve it faithfully. It’s like sailing. You start for a destination and the road is bad weather, injuries, accidents, but you believe in the destination and proceed. If you do not believe in what you do, whatever money you have, your idea will not deserve anything if the people behind it do not believe in it.

Get online

Everything is on the Internet. Good news in magazines, good knowledge and experience, but it is not a young person today, let alone a young entrepreneur who does not know how to research and exploit the Internet.

Talk, discuss, and work together

Ideas are born in one mind, but to grow they need more. There is no selfishness, pride and selfishness. If your next person has a better idea than yours, try working with him so you can both benefit. Also, discuss with other entrepreneurs, learn about successes and their mistakes, because mistakes are also knowledge. You can get some real help from cosmos values too, who are considered to be experts on this area.

Europe is a huge field

From the very first moment you have to think about Europe. Its market is an area of ​​500 million inhabitants. Our neighborhood or adjacent city may not have a clue about the usefulness of what you do, but there may be many potential customers in another country and be eager for a solution like yours.

Opportunities to the crisis

The big ones suffer crises. These, for cost reasons, start and outsource some of their work outsiders to smaller ones. So, take a chance yet.

Businesses are your customers

Many people forget that entrepreneurship does not mean just selling something to the public, but – above all – I sell something to businesses, so-called business to business. We are thirsty for business to business and all of the relevant surveys in Greece find that this is in the infancy.

Everything is technology

The sectors that offer the greatest opportunities and are ideal for growth are those of telecommunications and IT. These are the backbone of all trade as a whole. Even a focusing firm or a rural cooperative can benefit from technological applications. From organization of production to disposal of products. We do not say that any other specialty will fail, just here are the best opportunities.

Profit is not ashamed

It is not guilt to profit that is the purpose of entrepreneurship. It makes no sense to “feed” my idea of ​​money without giving it. Once I have to say “I failed” and start something else, but in the meantime I have not put everything I have and I do not have.

Never take a loan if you have no income

In the start-up phase, lending is prohibitive. There is no “help to get started”. Spread, like the old ones, to use the basement, to make the garage office, as did so many Americans who are now multimillionaires. And always part of the profits to reinvest. Loans come when the business becomes profitable.

Young people have a future

In the EU there are currently 25 million small businesses. If these are helped to hire a person, the problem of unemployment is resolved in one day.

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