Ideas and Tips to Revamp your Fireplace

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Once the winter arrives, the chimney resumes its rights in the living room. Have you tired of your home a little vintage and want to give a youthful look to your sitting room? All you need do is renovate your chimney without doing any heavy and expensive work. To do this, we have collected several customization tips to make easily without necessarily calling on a professional. Here are interiors that you can dare change!

Modernize a Fireplace with a Box

The box, like the insert, immediately brings a modern touch to a fireplace and allows you to change your decor without touching your home. To revamp your chimney at a lower cost, you can also create a fireplace mantel with a recovery pallet or create a box yourself with the help of wooden board that you will paint in the color you wish.

Install Cladding Boards

Easy to install, cladding boards can be as well natural stone for a chalet style and cozy living room in concrete for a more contemporary interior. They allow you to beautifully frame the fireplace to highlight and create a warm atmosphere in the house.

Paint a Fireplace

If you have a small budget and do not want to do too much work, you can simply paint your fireplace with a new color, brighter to bring more light to the room or in pop to brighten a living room or a bedroom. Depending on the materials of your chimney, you will first need to decrease the marble or clean the cement or wood before painting an undercoat and then a coat of paint (glycerol type). Remember to use tape to mark the area to be painted. If you don’t want to change the look and feel of your fireplace, you can simply repaint your existing fireplace in a different color without distorting it.

Add Decorative Accessories

Once your fireplace is repainted and brought up to date, do not hesitate to decorate it with letter decoration, wrought iron accessories, picture frames or succulents. You will feel better at home!


The beauty of your fireplace can have a good part to play in how good your home looks. So do not hesitate to seek out options to increase the look of it. So use designs to optimize its look. Check out to see new ways to design your fireplace.

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